1. SEO Tips

Most digital-savvy businesses understand the value of SEO and have implemented SEO strategies either independently or through a digital marketing agency. Reading through SEO tips is a great way to get clued up on the best practices, but with the ever-changing landscape of Google’s search functionality, finding the most up-to-date information is imperative.

SEO Tips

Gone are the days when you could simply inundate your website with keywords to improve your rankings. There are many ways that Google has adapted their crawlers to pick up when a site is simply put together for the purpose of ranking. We’ve identified the three factors that will improve your rankings in 2020.

Focus on User Experience

At the end of the day, Google aims to create a good user experience for people who are using it to search for relevant information. This means that it focuses on how well a website is put together for the end-user to remain credible for providing quality, useful results. Google no longer simply looks out for keywords.

This is why it is important to build a quality website with a great UX. A responsive, user-friendly website will “tell” Google that it’s a good website to refer to. Your user will also spend more time on your website and engage with your content.

  • Make sure that your most important pages are easy to reach from anywhere on the site, and that each page loads quickly. There is nothing that chases web users away faster than a poorly put-together, unresponsive site.
  • Ensure that the information on your site is relevant and SEO-optimised.
  • Your site should also be built from a “mobile first” perspective. In other words – a mobile site that displays well on desktops too.

Use Videos to Boost Your Rankings

The value of videos in marketing cannot be stressed enough. Videos give people the ability to obtain all the information they need in a quick, concise, and entertaining way. Having videos that rank in a Google search can help you stand out more in the search results pages (SERPs)

This is how videos increase your SEO. Some users prefer to watch videos than read lengthy articles, so it’s important to focus on multiple methods of communication to increase your SEO value.

Do Keyword Research

SEO keywords are a vital ingredient in boosting your rankings on Google. These words are your landing strip for all of the users flying through the internet. There are multiple tools that you can use to do your own keyword research, but getting a professional SEO specialist to do it for you is less time-consuming and generally more accurate.

Digital marketing can be a DIY process, but it can often take a lot longer, with lesser results than you’d like. For quality SEO services in South Africa, it may be better to contact a professional digital marketing agency. They can offer sound advice, and services to meet your SEO requirements while ensuring that Google can see and hear your brand loud and clear!