1. What to Expect From Custom Website Development

By now, every business understands the importance of having a website. Because the internet is such a vast platform, used with various programming languages means that the sky is the limit in terms of options for your website functionalities, look and feel. However, this won’t be the case if you’re using limited website templates for your finished product. This is where a custom website comes in.

A custom-built website is like having a blank canvas; it’s filled with opportunity and possibility. If you can dream it, an experienced web developer can do it! Though most websites are built on a Content Management System (CMS), these systems can be altered and changed to your exact specifications.

If planned properly, updates can be implemented on the CMS as your business grows and changes. The changes made on the custom-built website will cost less in the long run, because it will be simpler to implement than on a template.

What to Expect From Custom Website Development

There are a host of benefits that one can expect from a custom website.

Improved Website Functionality

Custom websites function better than ones made from templates because the functionality is planned and built-in from the start.

Every business will have different needs for its website:

  • For sites that require forms to be filled in and uploaded, the process will be easier for the user with less chance of frustrating errors
  • If your site requires constant changes and uploading of new content (for example, a job search site), a custom site will allow for this from a seamless backend that a business can operate independently as needed
  • Sites that require search functionalities within large collections of data will perform better if they have been developed with this feature in mind

A custom site will perform better, overall. Improved speed, easy navigation for user experience (UX) and ease of use for the business are some of the great benefits.

Development Support

Questions about the site can be answered by the company who put the site together for you. Most web development companies in South Africa offer ongoing support, so that website changes can be made quickly and easily by the business, or the development team as required.

Website Optimisation

Custom-built websites are built with optimisation in mind. Some of this optimisation includes:

  • Search Engine Friendly layout and structure: This will improve your company’s presence on Google so it can be found more easily
  • Mobile-friendly website: Your website will be optimised for mobile so that your potential customers and existing ones can operate it from anywhere, with optimal functionality
  • Reliability: Your website will have less of a chance of glitches and errors. If these do come up for any reason, they can be easily and quickly attended to

Secure Website

In order to maintain the trust of your visitors, your website will need to be safe for them to use. Whether you have an e-commerce site that deals with sensitive banking information, or simply a site that captures the user’s details, your users need to know that their information won’t be leaked due to faults on the site. Custom websites tend to be more secure because the coding is more difficult to crack with encryption that safeguards against security breaches.

If you are looking to get a website, or simply thinking about which might be the option for you, contact us. We give tailor-made advice on your specific needs and we can point you in the right direction!