1. What is Email Marketing?
  2. How to Develop an Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing can be an exceptionally successful digital marketing strategy if it is executed correctly. However, it should be said that crafting a good email marketing strategy is an art. This is why we have decided to give you a step-by-step breakdown of how you can create your own successful email marketing campaign.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing can be described as any email that is being sent to a group of current and potential customers, with the intent to make a sale. This could include advertising new products, presenting them with a special offer, or an update. This can be an exceptionally powerful way in which to grow your customer base; however, there is no one size fits all email that one can apply anymore. Consumers have evolved and become more concerned with personal interaction and connection. Therefore, one needs to apply a very clever strategy when developing and launching an email campaign that will be successful.

How to Develop an Email Marketing Strategy

If you want to develop an email marketing strategy that is going to be effective, and engaging, and make your potential and current customers feel valued, there are a few steps that you will have to follow. While these steps might seem simple, they are all a crucial part of the process.

  • Determine Target Audience: As with any marketing strategy, it is important to determine your target audience and think about who they are, what their interests are, as well as what motivates them to buy a product or service. This will allow you to understand who you are “speaking” to and trying to attract.
  • Gather Leads: In order to launch an email marketing campaign, you will need leads i.e. email addresses. There are multiple ways in which you can capture leads, including social media marketing and Google Ads. It is important that your leads have consented to receive marketing emails, so make sure you include a consent check bocks when potential customers fill in their details.
  • Group Your Leads: It is a good idea to group your leads up according to a variety of markers. These can include engagement level, demographics, purchase history, and more. This way, you’ll be able to target them a bit better with the type of content and offers you send to them.
  • Create Batches of Emails: As you have segmented and grouped your leads, you can now start crafting marketing emails that are suited to those specific groups. This will ensure that the products and services you market to them will be relevant to their wants and needs.
  • Personalise Emails: Relevance will unfortunately not be enough to seal the deal. It is important that you personalise each and every email to reflect the individual’s name. It is also a good idea to launch another email campaign that wishes each lead happy birthday annually and even remembers other big events such as the anniversary of when they first became a client. Ultimately, get creative with how you can make a customer feel as if they are a person and not a number.
  • Create Engaging Content: It is important that your content is engaging. Your subject line could be perfect, the products on offer could be relevant, and it could be personalised; however, if your content is boring and robotic you will lose the lead. It is also important to always include a CTA!
  • Test and Optimise: Once you have completed all of these steps, it is time to test and optimise your marketing emails. Once you have sent out your emails, see what the response is like. Off of this data, you will be able to see where the problems lie and improve those areas to eventually create the perfect marketing email that always performs well!

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