1. Who’s Presenting The Course?
  2. Keep an Eye Out for These 3 Signs that Support a Trainer’s Credibility:
  3. Will you be able to become Google Ads certified?
  4. What is covered in the course?
  5. Is it a classroom course / online?
  6. Is there a practical session to show you the ropes?

With the economy in a slump, many businesses are tightening their belts and looking at alternative ways to do their marketing. One of the quickest ways to do this is by taking on Google Ads management internally.

Though this is entirely possible, Google Ads is a daunting beast to tame, and can easily result in the loss of revenue – instead of the intended gains. But what do you look for in a Google Ads course? We cover the main things to look out for below.

Who’s Presenting The Course?

Digital marketing has become such an industry that there are many self-proclaimed “Gurus” who claim to have “the secret to success”. As a result, there are several quick courses and seminars that promise an unrealistic return on investment. But, like all good things in life, there is no quick fix.

To successfully manage your campaign, you’ll need the right tools to understand where all the work must go to drive results.

Keep an Eye Out for These 3 Signs that Support a Trainer’s Credibility:

Are they Google Ads Certified?

A pretty reliable indicator of credibility is if the course is. It means that this team have their Google Ads Certification up to date and that they’re managing their accounts in a way that keeps Google happy.

How long have they been in business?

If your trainer can give you advice on common pitfalls they’ve experienced – they are the trainer you need. You can leverage their experience in the training they offer to avoid making the same mistakes. Be sure to come prepared with all your questions, we have the answers at the ready.

Are they still working with Google Ads?

If your trainer hasn’t been in the industry for more than a year, they’ve likely missed out on very cool Google Ads features that improve campaign performance.

Will you be able to become Google Ads certified?

Completing a course as a means of sharpening your skills is a great way to stay relevant in the digital workforce – but the question remains, will you measure up to Google’s standards?

To become Google Ads certified, you need to pass the Google Ads Fundamentals Exam and one Google Advanced Exam (Search, YouTube, Display, Mobile or Shopping). Google’s required pass mark is 80%.

The Google Ads Fundamentals Assessment covers basic and intermediate concepts, including the benefits of online advertising and Google Ads. It will also cover the best practices for managing and optimising Google Ads campaigns.

Most Certified Practitioners started with the Search Advanced exam because it is the campaign type that is used most often.

The Google Ads Search Advertising Assessment covers basic and intermediate concepts, including best practices for creating, managing, measuring, and optimising search ad campaigns across the Search Network.

What is covered in the course?

To build your first campaign and manage it successfully, you need a course that covers the basics as well as one Advanced topic. Look out for the following topics in the course you’re considering:

  • The basics of Google Ads
  • Choosing the best campaign type
  • The basics of keywords and keyword research
  • Creating effective (and Google-approved) text ads
  • Enhancing your ads with Google’s best practices
  • Organising your account for success
  • Determining and selecting a good bidding strategy
  • Aligning your budget with your goals
  • Evaluating your campaign performance
  • Getting to know the Google Ads interface
  • Track conversions to improve performance

Is it a classroom course / online?

Both these training formats have their pros and cons, we have created an infographic to highlight these:

What to Look for in a Google Ads Training Course

Is there a practical session to show you the ropes?

After passing your K52 learners’ exam you still needed someone to show you how to drive. The same is true for Google Ads. Selecting the wrong campaign type, accidentally targeting all countries, or setting your daily budget to R 30 000 can be costly mistakes.

With a practical session, a trainer can guide you through the “where to click” basics of setting up a campaign. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to achieve your business goals with the help of Google Ads.

Are there local Google Ads trainers?

Fortunately, there are a couple of companies in Gauteng offering Google Ads training. Contact us to enquire about our upcoming courses.