1. Google Ads offers more than one type of Campaign
  2. A good Google Ads agency can setup Google Analytics and provide other detailed reports
  3. Conversion Rate Optimisation A.k.a. Helping your website generate more leads
When businesses and consumers think about Google Ads, they typically think about Google Search campaigns (where a user types in a search phrase and an ad pops up). As such, when they think about a Google Ads agency, or Google Ads specialist, they think that Search Advertising campaigns is all that we can offer.

Google Ads offers more than one type of Campaign

Did you know that Google offers other advertising products? And did you know that even small to medium sized businesses have access to these advertising products? All of Google’s advertising products (Google Ads) have been designed to achieve various business goals form SEM’s and big brands alike. These products, or campaign types, can be implemented by your local Google Ads agency.

The campaigns, listed with their primary objectives are:

  1. Search Campaigns – The familiar campaign where an advertiser bids on a keyword, and an ad appears. This campaign is best suited for generating leads.
  2. Display Campaigns (include Display remarketing) – A display campaign targets various audiences, where a business’ ads appear on other websites and apps across the internet. This campaign is ideal for brand building and to influence consideration.
  3. Shopping campaigns ­– A shopping campaign is set up through a Google Ads Merchant Centre and are ideal for generating online sales.
  4. YouTube campaigns – These ads are familiar to anyone who’s watched a video on YouTube. These ads are found in the videos you’re watching, or next to them.
  5. App Campaigns – App Campaigns are created to drive app promotion on Google’s networks (the app store, YouTube, Google Search etc.). This campaign can be used to get users to install your App or to reengage with your app after installation.
  6. Local Campaigns – Relatively new to the South African market, local campaigns are geared towards driving customers to your physical store. These ads appear on Google Search results and Google Maps as maps listings.
  7. Discovery Campaigns – Discovery Ads are a great way to get your Brand in front of audiences while they engage on YouTube, Gmail, and Google’s Discover feed. Discovery ads are primarily focused on driving brand awareness.
Though most Google Ads Partners won’t set up Smart Campaigns, this is the 8th type of campaign available to businesses. It is a simpler way to set up a Google Ads campaign, which is often used by Google Ads novices. It is a combination of a Search and a Display Campaign, that throws out the best aspects of each of these campaigns and reduces your control of where (and how) your ads will show.

A good Google Ads agency can setup Google Analytics and provide other detailed reports

The major benefit of digital marketing is that you can measure everything. How much you’ve spent, the number of leads that were generated thanks to that advertising budget, and the Return on Investment. In fact, if properly tracked, your Google Ads agency should be able to say, “For every R 1 you spend on marketing, you’ll get R 50 back.” An agency will typically implement Google Analytics on your website to track and monitor website traffic. This will show where your traffic and leads are coming from. Something that is particularly helpful if you’re running more than one digital marketing campaign (SEO, Social Media campaigns, Newsletter campaigns, etc.) If you’re working with an agency that has a partnership with a CRM (customer relationship management system), you’re leads will be tagged with identifying campaign parameters when captured in the system they’ve implemented on your website.

Conversion Rate Optimisation A.k.a. Helping your website generate more leads

Your website, or landing page, conversion rate is the rate at which users complete a goal on your website. Goals are either online order, submitting enquiry forms, engaging with your WhatsApp chat, or calling your business. Calculating your conversion rate is simple: leads ÷ clicks x 100 = X% Conversion rate optimisation is the practice of looking at a website and landing page and establishing why users aren’t converting. A good Google Ads agency will either have Google Ads campaign managers who are versed in conversion rate optimisation, or they will have a UX designer who can help. When they make recommendations, or changes with the help of a website developer, they are leveraging the existing traffic instead of trying to generate more (with more budget).

Partnering with the right Google Ads Agency

When shopping around for a Google Ads agency, ask them if they offer these additional services and how much they charge for the value-added benefits. At Starbright, our Google Ads packages include all campaign types, the free implementation of Leadtrekker (a local CRM), and advice on how your website or landing page can be improved to generate more leads. Why not contact us for a free quote? We’ll do provisional keyword research and recommend a budget (and strategy) that will work for you.