1. Firstly, what is Local SEO?
  2. Let’s Look at an Example…
  3. Great! So How Do I Use Local SEO for My Website?
  4. Looking for an SEO Agency in Pretoria?

This article’s headline, “Kick-Start the Optimisation of Your Website with Local SEO for Pretoria” is a prime example of local SEO in practice. After reading this article, you will be able to spot how we used a local SEO strategy and you will hopefully understand why you should be using local SEO to optimise your website and rank high on search results for the correct audience.

Firstly, what is Local SEO?

So, most of us know that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a marketing tactic and discipline that is used to optimise your website’s organic reach on search engines. This means that when someone is searching on Google for a product or service, you would want your website to pop up as one of the first few results without paying for advertising. Local SEO takes this one step further by optimising your website for a local audience, in other words, targeting the people who live in your business area.

Let’s Look at an Example…

Someone is searching for places to eat in Pretoria, they would therefore type into the search tab of Google something along the lines of “restaurants in Pretoria”. After clicking “Google Search” they will then see results of the websites and pages of a variety of restaurants in Pretoria.

If you were a restaurant in Pretoria, you would want to appear high up on the list of search results as to maximise your chance of getting a page visitor and lead that is looking for a restaurant in that specific area. As the restaurant owner, you will want to make use of local SEO techniques and tactics to optimise your website for all locals who are searching for places to eat in your area.

Great! So How Do I Use Local SEO for My Website?

If you’re starting your much-needed website optimisation journey, firstly, you will want to look at the current state of your website. This can be done through a professional SEO audit performed by industry specialists. Once all the SEO issues on your website have been identified, you can get expert recommendations that will help you optimise your existing website and repair any issues that may be harming your site’s visibility.

The SEO specialists will then suggest a variety of local SEO techniques that can help you climb the search results ladder, these include:

  • Keyword research (this will give you the keywords you need to include in the copy of your website so as to appear on local search results, can you spot the keyword we used in the headline?)*
  • Competitor analysis
  • Onsite SEO improvements
  • Mobile optimisation
  • SEO web design

Looking for an SEO Agency in Pretoria?

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