1. Types of Social Media Short Courses
  2. Booking Social Media Marketing Courses South Africa

If you have investigated the benefits that social media marketing can offer a company, then you know that it is imperative that you implement it as soon as possible. However, the question remains, should you make use of an agency or should you tackle this task internally? If you do have employees that are willing and able to take on the task, then it would be wise to send them for social media short courses.

Types of Social Media Short Courses

There are typically two types of social media short courses that one can sign up for. The first would be a beginner’s course while the other is an intermediate course. It is advisable to do both, as this will teach you good habits from the start and ensure that you get all critical information along the way. These courses are typically available for all sorts of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

Social Media Courses for Beginners

A social media course for beginners will typically cover the basics of a platform; including but not limited to; how to create a profile and company page, how to post, how to set up a social media marketing strategy, how to identify your target market and the basics of running ads on these platforms. These courses are designed to give you practical experience. Therefore, you will physically complete actions and activities in these training sessions which will allow you to more easily understand how it all works.

Intermediate Social Media Courses

An intermediate course will delve deeper into a comprehensive understanding of a platform. It will also dig deeper into how to create advanced social media marketing strategies, how to use and understand analytics, as well as how to optimise your profiles, pages, ads, and posts. It should be mentioned that these courses will require a basic understanding of a social media platform before being able to complete them. While you might not be an expert after completing an intermediate course, you should be knowledgeable enough to succeed with your company’s social media marketing strategy.

Booking Social Media Marketing Courses South Africa

At Starbright, we have experts that compile and run our social media marketing courses. They are up to date with the latest platform updates and will be able to help you comprehensively understand a platform and social media marketing as a strategy. Our courses can be booked and completed online or in person. Our face-to-face training takes place at our offices while our online courses consist of a video call, allowing you to complete your training from anywhere in South Africa.

Contact us at Starbright to find out more about how our social media short courses can benefit you and your company.