1. Why You Need an Email Marketing Strategy in South Africa
  2. Types of Email Marketing Campaigns
  3. Choosing an Email Marketing Service in South Africa

Email Marketing in South Africa is a popular and effective way of marketing your products to potential and existing customers. They can bring in a lot of business if done correctly and are not as expensive as other marketing methods.

Why You Need an Email Marketing Strategy in South Africa

Coming up with and implementing an email marketing strategy is a vital part of succeeding in one’s email marketing campaign. A clear strategy will allow you to plan your emails ahead of time and for a specific purpose. It will also ensure that your emails are perfectly tailored to elicit the response you wish to receive from your audience. It will also be easier to measure the success of your campaigns and make adjustments in the future to obtain success.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

There are multiple types of email campaigns that one can include in one’s email marketing strategy but there are four that should be implemented in every business!

  • Procurement Emails: Once a potential client has performed an action on your website and provided you with their email address, you will be able to send them conversion emails. These emails are designed to entice potential customers to seal the deal and purchase your product or service. It is essential to fill these emails with informative content. You can even include a special offer such as a reduced price if they purchase “NOW”.
  • Newsletters: Once you have procured a customer, it is always a nice idea to send out a monthly newsletter to inform them about what is happening within the business. This serves as a way to keep customers engaged and build trust by highlighting the ways in which the business is improving and growing. One can even include new products and services.
  • Promotions: Promotional emails are always a fantastic way to get existing clients to sign up for an optional extra, new service, or buy extra products. You never know if a client has been eyeing out a product for a while and never committed to buying because it was just too expensive to justify.
  • Retention Emails: Client retention is one of the most important aspects of a business and it is advisable for business owners to include retention emails in their overall retention strategy. It is an easy way to inform your customers that you are thinking of how you could better serve them and a great way to receive feedback on you could be doing certain things better.

Choosing an Email Marketing Service in South Africa

You can choose to create your own email marketing strategy and implement it with the hope of it succeeding, or you could make use of an agency that specialises in digital forms of marketing such as email marketing. They will have the necessary knowledge and experience to target your audience effectively and will more than likely get better results from the beginning. They will also be able to combine email marketing with other forms of digital marketing to increase your rate of success.

To find out more about how you can benefit from email marketing in South Africa, contact the Starbright team!