1. Hiring a Professional for WordPress Website Design in South Africa
  2. How Much Does a 5-Page Website Cost?

How much does a website cost? You could ask how long a piece of string is and end up with the same amount of variables. To understand why website design prices differ, and to choose the right option, one first needs to understand what goes into it.

Website design refers to the look and feel of a website that is displayed on the internet when the design goes live. It focuses on the appearance, layout and overall user experience in and around the site. Elements that feed into the appearance of a website include colour, text, images, and logos, as well as video and audio clips in some cases. The layout focuses on the way the information is structured and categorised. A well-designed website is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and perfectly suited to the brand that it has been designed for.

Hiring a Professional for WordPress Website Design in South Africa

You could design a website yourself, but you would be missing out on a multitude of benefits that only a professional web designer can offer. Some of these benefits are listed below:

Professionals Stay Up to Date with The Latest Trends

Trends and best practices are always evolving in website design. Professional website designers stay up to date with these to ensure that customer demands are consistently met, and expectations exceeded. They also ensure that clients are ahead of their competition.

Customised Websites are Unique

You will probably use a template if you decide to create your own website. This means it will not be unique or customised to suit your preferences. A template will provide you with a pre-designed skeleton that you will use to populate content. The problem is, it is not optimised for your target market and there could be hundreds of brands that have used the same template for their websites. This can result in your website being seen as average and underwhelming if it’s seen at all.

UX Specialisation

UX refers to User Experience and it is extremely important. If a user is left feeling like they had a frustrating or average experience visiting your site, chances are, they will not return or make use of your services or buy your product. The goal of UX is to do everything you possibly can to create a digital experience that is seamless, easy to use, and leaves a lasting impression.

How Much Does a 5-Page Website Cost?

You would think this would result in a set price, but unfortunately, there are many unique elements to every website that need to be accounted for. Every website will be different and thus pricing will differ. It is advised to be wary of a web design company that can give you a price without receiving a scope or investigating the work that will be required.

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