1. Facebook Ad Targeting vs Google Ads Targeting
  2. Why Both Are Important

Targeting audiences is and has always been an extremely important aspect of advertising and marketing. Whether in traditional marketing such as on billboards or in magazines, or digital marketing such as Facebook advertising and Google Ads, finding and marketing to your target audience is paramount. For example, you would not post an ad for wedding dresses in a car magazine, but would rather opt for a bridal magazine. The same concept can be applied to digital advertising and marketing.

In this article, we will explore types of target audiences in advertising, focusing on Facebook advertising and Google ads.

Facebook Ad Targeting vs Google Ads Targeting

Even though Facebook advertising and Google Ads are both forms of paid digital advertising, there is one big difference between the two. The difference lies in the way in which one targets an audience.


Facebook, at its core, is about creating awareness for your brand. It allows you to set up ads that target specific people. Thus, when creating an ad you can define the age, gender, interest, job title, and many other factors that people have listed on their Facebook profiles. These ads will then display to the people that fall within the specifications as they are scrolling through Facebook.

Google Ads

Google Ads target people based on what they are searching for. Thus, Google Ads is known as a pull marketing strategy. When setting up an ad you target certain phrases that people are searching for. Once a person types this phrase into Google, the ad will pop up. This is an extremely powerful form of marketing as it is targeting people based on their search intent. Google Ads also has the potential to target more people as well as a wider variety of people. It is also faster to implement Google Ads and start seeing results.

Why Both Are Important

Even though one can achieve great results with both Facebook advertising and Google Ads individually, it is advisable to make use of both simultaneously. Each form of targeting has its own benefits and will reach potential customers in different ways at different stages of the buyer’s journey. When making use of both simultaneously it is possible to shift budgets between the two as needed.

To find out more about the many other benefits of both Facebook advertising and Google Ads, and how they can help your business grow, contact the specialists at Starbright.