1. Learn How to Keep Up with Social Media Trends
  2. Learn How to Engage on Social Media
  3. Networking and Collaborating
  4. Social Media Short Course Online

Whether you are social media platform savvy, or a complete beginner, a social media short course can be highly beneficial. All the available social media platforms are constantly evolving and changing, from changing ad types and budget planning to trends for posts, stories, reels, social media challenges, and much more.

Because of its popularity, businesses need to stand out when they are using various social media platforms – there are thousands of businesses doing the same thing, and it’s no longer a simple matter of posting cute content with a good write-up and some trending hashtags. Social media has become about using a detailed strategy for posts and posting times, as well as ad spend planning.

Even short social media marketing courses can give you the skills you need to thrive on these platforms and grow your following, your engagement rate, and build awareness to eventually increase sales. Some of the benefits of social media courses include:

Learn How to Keep Up with Social Media Trends

Social media trainers will teach you what to look out for on different social media platforms so that you can follow suit and take advantage of the trend while it’s still ‘hot’. Trends change so quickly, especially on social media, so it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse and jump at opportunities where possible.

Your trainer will also teach you how to personalise your content to make it relevant to your audience. For example, if you have a company that advocates saving water, the ice bucket challenge may not be the best trend to jump onto.

Learn How to Engage on Social Media

How you engage is just as important as the content, if not even more. Your tone on social media, whether in engagements with followers or comments on others’ posts, will say a lot about your business.

Your social media course will teach you how and when to engage with other brands, how to deal with negative comments (and not just pretend like they don’t exist or delete them), and overall social media etiquette. This will build trust and get more people engaging with your brand, both on social media and in your sales.

Networking and Collaborating

Most social media courses are interactive, with more than just yourself and your trainer. Learning in an environment may be beneficial because of different perspectives – someone may have a question that you haven’t yet thought about, and it may spark an idea or two.

Your fellow trainees will be there for similar reasons, so it may be a great opportunity to network and collaborate on projects.

Social Media Short Course Online

Starbright conducts social media courses that you can book online. Equip yourself with best-practice skills and knowledge to get the best results for your social spending and effort, and take a social media marketing course!