1. Facebook Post Tips
  2. Twitter Post Tips
  3. Posting on Pinterest

What is social media if not a constant opportunity to share? Knowing what to post on which platforms makes all the difference, though.

Here are a few useful tips and tricks for the kinds of posts that work best on three social media platforms.

Facebook Post Tips

  • Keep things positive: people respond to positivity, and positivity breeds engagement such as shares and likes.
  • Provide tips and information: your content should provide value to your audience. Do this by giving tips and information and including links and images.
  • Always include images and your logo: we live in a visually orientated world and we have to give the people what they want and use what catches the eye.
  • Posts don’t create engagement; people do: to be a person more than a page. Engage with fans by replying to comments and creating a conversational dialogue. Build a relationship with your fans.
  • Always respond to comments or messages: this creates an approachable personality for your brand and the feeling that you care. Even if the comments are negative.
  • Get feedback from your fans: ask something like “What do you think of our new product? Leave a comment and let us know!” or “Which of our new products do you prefer?”

Twitter Post Tips

  • Tweets can only be 140 characters long, so make sure that you use the space you have to say something meaningful and valuable. Use questions, facts, and figures to get attention and engage viewers. Good tweets will get retweets.
  • Don’t compromise on grammar and punctuation so that you can fit more into a tweet. A well-said short statement is better than a lot of badly written info.
  • Avoid abbreviations and all caps.
  • Tweet at people and businesses. Mentions (@…) are used to prompt people to engage with you – use them to start conversations and be sure to respond. You should join other conversations, too.
  • Retweet and discuss trending topics and hashtag relevant or trending topics.

Posting on Pinterest

  • Complete your profile: people will want to see all your information, especially a profile picture.
  • Create clear and relevant boards: people will get upset if they see food pins when they followed a fashion board.
  • Diversify your content: too much of anything is boring.
  • Use lots of colours: different colours will bring about different reactions from your followers.

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