1. Choosing Social Media Marketing Services Packages
  2. Finding a Social Media Marketing Agency in South Africa

Most digital marketing agencies in South Africa offer social media marketing services; but how do you know if the agencies you are looking at are offering the correct services that will yield results? Perhaps you have settled on an agency and are struggling to choose between the different packages on offer.

In this article, we will explain what you should be looking for in a social media marketing package.

Choosing Social Media Marketing Services Packages

Most digital marketing agencies will have different packages to choose from, including different levels of involvement, number of platforms, and content. When deciding between social media marketing packages, it is typically advisable to go for the highest package. Some of the services that will often differ from package to package include:

  • Platforms: There are three main social media platforms that are utilised for marketing businesses in South Africa. They consist of Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Most digital marketing agencies will provide a package where they make use of 2 platforms and another option where they make use of 3 platforms. It is important to remember that if you are only making use of two platforms you need to take your business and the platforms that your clientele is located on into account.
  • Number of Posts: Most agencies will have a choice between 2,3, or 5 posts a week. It is ideal to post consistently and definitely more than once a week. Posting consistently will ensure that your brand builds credibility. There is nothing dodgier than clicking on a business page and seeing 5 posts that were posted a year ago.

There are also services that should ALWAYS be included in a social media marketing package. These services include:

  • A Monthly Content Plan: Having a professional create a monthly content plan is extremely beneficial as you (the client) will now receive professional input on what content your ideal clientele will enjoy and be attracted to. It will also ensure that you consistently have content to post that is valuable to your audience.
  • Post Designs: Most agencies should offer the designing of posts as well as a certain number of stock images (where and when needed) as part of their social media marketing package. This will ensure that your brand is represented in a positive light visually.
  • Community Management: This is an important part of a social media marketing package as it ensures that any questions, compliments, or complaints are replied to and escalated as they occur. This will provide even further credibility as it shows potential and current customers that you react quickly.
  • Promotions and Competitions: Running promotions and competitions that are attractive to your audience and make sense for your brand can grow your following and be fantastic lead generators. This will often be an optional extra but it is important that a digital marketing agency offers this as a service.

Finding a Social Media Marketing Agency in South Africa

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