1. Benefits of Boosting Social Media Posts

Boosting social media posts should be part of your social media marketing strategy and budget, and there are multiple reasons why. Every social media platform is different, so it’s important to cater to each one’s requirements accordingly.  

With social media being a key player in digital marketing efforts, wondering how to do social media marketing should be a thing of the past. There are multiple platforms and social media training courses that can lay down the basics and help with getting started. For those who already have the basic knowledge and want to learn how to boost social posts, this one is for you!

Benefits of Boosting Social Media Posts

Putting budget behind your social media will differ according to the platform you’re using and the goal you’re hoping to achieve i.e. boosting engagement, getting click-throughs to your website, etc.

Here are some of the many more benefits of boosting your posts:


If your goal is to boost engagement, increasing your budget will ensure that more people see your post. You can get away with a smaller budget in this case; people are on social media to engage, so the more people see your post, the better chances you have of getting likes and comments.

There are also other ways to increase the results of your campaigns without having to increase your budget. A Social Media Marketing Specialist will work their magic with a given budget to ensure optimal results.

Focused target audiences

With social media boosting, you can choose the particulars of the audience you wish to target i.e. with general targeting you can narrow down things like age, gender, language, area etc. With custom targeting, you can target selected audiences i.e. those who visited your website in a specific timeframe, people who’ve filled in contact forms, and those who liked a specific link. The sky is the limit with custom targeting!

Analyse how well your posts are doing

Your analytics will depend on the goal of your campaign. If your goal was to reach a higher number of people, your reports will show you how many more people it reached, how many engaged etc. If your goal is to get click-throughs to your site, it will report on the number of people who did that. This is great for insights into how well your marketing efforts are working and whether you need to change things up or keep them the same, in order to maximise your budget.

If you’re still unsure whether you should boost your social posts, try asking the experts for help. Either way, understanding social media marketing in South Africa is important, as it is a brilliant tool and imperative for digital marketing success!