1. Usability
  2. Crawlable Link Structures
  3. Mobile Friendly Websites

You may consider SEO and web development as being worlds apart but in truth, they are very close and one is somewhat weak without the other. When used together to help companies reach their brand goals, it is a powerful combination that is very difficult to beat. Here are some of the ways in which SEO and web development can be used in order to render the best results for your business.


A search engine’s primary function is to give the user the most accurate result relating to the keywords used in their search query. In order for this to continuously work well the website being visited by users needs to offer them a valuable experience for which they will return to the website time and time again. This allows for the website to rank higher because the search engine aims to give users what they want. Users don’t want a website that does not function the way a website is expected to.

When users visit a page that loads slowly and is filled with glitches, the chances that users will immediately search for more functional results to their query elsewhere increase. This will no doubt send your bounce rate through the roof and negatively affect your search engine ranking.

Usability from quality web development services will allow for longer times spent on the page, more inbound links and social engagement. All of these act as indicators for search engines to push this website up in the rankings, so usability through web development is key to the success of SEO for the same website.

Crawlable Link Structures

The way that bots are able to crawl a website is crucial to the website’s ranking factors. They crawl in order to identify and list pages in their keyword-based indexes. This all begins with them being able to see the links in the first place. A crawlable link structure will allow bots to easily index the website increasing its ranking potential if the navigation is structured to cater for the bots. What you are essentially trying to avoid is pages without any link that points to them making them invisible to Google, pages cannot rank if Google does not know they exist.

Mobile Friendly Websites

With recent Google updates coming into effect, web development services have prioritised building websites by taking a mobile-first approach. With almost 70% of the traffic to websites coming from mobiles, this could be the key to outranking your competitors. Search engine marketing services know this and are why, when combined with web development services, we can build you a functional, mobile-friendly and high-ranking website.

For web development services and search engine marketing services focused on building you a website that ranks well and functions to your specifications contact Starbright. Our team will build a quality website and maintain your ranking factor with continuous efforts as part of our SEO services.