1. Understanding Generative AI in Search
  2. The Benefits of Google's Search Generative Experience
  3. How Does Google's Search with Generative AI Work?
  4. How to Access the Experiment and Steps to Follow
  5. Our Example
  6. Be On The Lookout!
  7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As we all know, search engines have become our go-to source for finding everything we need. From the simplest queries to the most complex questions. Google, a pioneer in this field, is taking search to the next level with its search generative experience (still in the experiment phase).

This article aims to demystify the concept of the search generative experience in a way that's easy to understand.

So start reading and get ready to be amazed by the technology behind this experiment.

Please note that this is not yet an official launch. Currently, it is an experimental endeavor by Google.

Understanding Generative AI in Search

Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence that can generate new content, ideas, or data that weren't explicitly programmed into it.

In the context of Google search, generative AI works behind the scenes to improve the accuracy, relevance, and personalisation of the search results you see.

But what does this mean for you?

Simply put, Google's search with generative AI is designed to better understand your queries in order to offer you more precise and helpful answers.

The Benefits of Google's Search Generative Experience

The introduction of generative AI into Google search brings several key benefits to users:

Improved Search Accuracy and Relevance

Every search has a certain intent behind it - buying a product, finding information, booking a flight, etc.

With generative AI, Google can better understand the intent behind your search and provide you with more accurate and relevant results.

For example, if you're looking for "best pizza places near me", generative AI can take into account factors such as your location, reviews, and past searches to offer you personalised results that are most relevant to your specific query.

For more information on search intent behind keywords you type into the search box, download our infographic on search intents.

Follow-Up Questions

Usually, when you're researching a topic, you may come across related questions that you may not have thought to ask in the first place.

Generative AI helps identify these follow-up questions and provides answers within the search results.

This feature saves time as you won't have to delete and re-enter or open a new tab to search for these additional questions.

Better Shopping Experience

With generative AI in Search, your shopping experience is better than ever!

The generative AI takes into account factors such as budget, preference, size, and reviews to create personalised shopping results.

This means that when you're searching for a specific product, you won't have to sift through numerous websites to find the best deal or size that fits your criteria.

Quick & Easy

Have you ever found yourself typing a long and specific query into the search bar only to be met with irrelevant or outdated results?

Generative AI in Search makes the process quick and easy by providing relevant and up-to-date results in a matter of seconds.

This feature is especially useful for time-sensitive queries, such as finding information on current events or buying a gift last minute.

How Does Google's Search with Generative AI Work?

Imagine typing a question into Google search.

Behind the scenes, generative AI algorithms analyse your query, considering not just the words you've used but the intent and context behind them.

These algorithms then sift through vast amounts of information to present you with answers that are relevant and tailored to your specific needs.

The Impact on Everyday Search Experiences

For the average person using Google to search for information, the introduction of generative AI means a smoother, more intuitive search experience. Whether you're looking for a simple recipe, detailed research on a topic, or the latest news, Google's search generative experience aims to provide you with answers that feel custom-made for your query.

How to Access the Experiment and Steps to Follow

Curious to see how all of this looks in action? Here's how you can access the generative AI search experiment.

1) Create a personal Gmail account (if you don't have one already) and sign into Chrome on your Desktop or go to the Google App.
2) The experiment can be found in Search Labs. Visit this link:
3) You'll then see the homepage of Search Labs.

4) Scroll down until you see the heading "AI Experiments".
5) Click on the "try an example" button featured in the "SGE, generative AI in Search" section.
6) You'll now be directed to a new SERP, where you can see the generative AI in action.
7) And voilà! You are now ready to start playing around.

Our Example

We typed "What is the healthiest pizza to eat?" and the AI completed our query with "based on your health goals, the healthiest pizza to eat is a whole grain crust pizza with plenty of vegetables and lean protein toppings".

As you can see, the generative AI provided us with an answer, a few tips on how we can make our pizza healthier, relevant blog articles for further research, and follow-up questions.

Be On The Lookout!

Now that you know what SGE is and how you can access the experiment, you can understand how this is going to change the way we search, interact and make decisions through Search Engine.

For marketers like ourselves, we must be aware that this technology is progressing rapidly and have a game plan in place to adapt our strategies accordingly.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads, and Content writing, it's crucial to optimise our content for this technology - and you should too, if you want to stay one step ahead.

Or, on the other hand, you can invest in our digital marketing services.

At Starbright, we're constantly staying up to date with the latest technologies and trends, ensuring our clients are always at the forefront of their industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When Is SGE officially launching? 

There has not been an official launching date for SGE. If you want more information, read this article by Search Engine Land titled:  "No, Google has NOT announced SGE isn’t going to happen."

2. How will SGE impact my current SEO strategy?

The advent of SGE will require a more nuanced approach to SEO. Content will need to be more conversational, answer-driven, and high-quality to align with the way AI interprets and responds to search queries. Techniques such as keyword stuffing are likely to become obsolete, as this technology favors genuine and holistic content.

3. Can SGE improve the precision of search engine advertising?

Definitely, SGE has the potential to greatly enhance ad targeting by understanding user intent more accurately. This means that ads can be served to users who are more likely to be interested in your product or service, leading to higher conversion rates. We recommend keeping an eye on updates from Google Ads and experimenting with new features related to generative AI in Google.