1. To help you improve, here are the top five tips for revamping your email marketing strategies:

The research conducted by different industries and the resulting reports and statistics is an enlightening source of information for beginner and pro marketers. This data helps us identify the latest trends and techniques that are helping businesses succeed in the global market.

Similar research conducted by the Relevancy Group points out that email marketing is one of the most used marketing channels to date.

Like social media and other digital trends, email marketing is considered an easy way to increase the traffic flow to your website. However, another report from Mckinsey & Company suggests that an email is 40 times more effective than social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in generating customers. Thus, being the marketer of the company, you must make full use of email and SMS marketing.

To help you improve, here are the top five tips for revamping your email marketing strategies:

1. Apply segmentation and analytic practices

Revamp SMS and Email Marketing Strategies: Top Five Tips

Segmentation allows you to target the specific audience that will benefit your business. Segmentation is carried out according to customer behaviour, demands and demographics. Sending out custom email messages to a segmented audience increases the likelihood of converting the recipients into customers. Moreover, predictive analytics also provide deep insights into the behaviour of the customer and suggest which practice offers the best results.

2. Get creative with email and SMS

Here are the top ways in which you can be creative with your SMS and email campaigns:

  • Create and send informative and useful content
  • Add visual content like images, videos, and infographics in the email – this type of content is known for generating high yield
  • Make it brief and to the point
  • Spend time on the content and create an appealing subject line
  • Use a friendly email address
  • Share links to your blog posts and website
  • Provide interesting and attractive offerings
  • Offer discounts, sales, and gift hampers

3. Improve customer service

Revamp SMS and Email Marketing Strategies: Top Five Tips

The demand for instant solutions is increasing. Customers are now eager to work with companies that can help them without wasting their time. They rely increasingly on texting and emails on-the-go for this purpose.

To stay ahead, companies need to provide a platform for customers to ask questions that are bothering them. Both email and SMS can be used for this purpose. Delivering prompt and helpful service will ensure that customers look forward to engaging with the brand and ultimately increase a brand’s reputation.

4. Integrate social media buttons and sharing options

Revamp SMS and Email Marketing Strategies: Top Five Tips

The leading social media marketer in the UAE acknowledges the importance of sound integration of social media buttons in different homepages of websites and emails. People love to share good news, the latest updates and attractive posts on their social accounts. If you produce an incredible piece of information, the reader will want to share it on social media. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, creative emails and messages will be shared instantly by readers to their friends and family.

5. Choose a catchy template and design

Catch the reader’s eye. Many companies send out emails and SMSes without paying much attention to the design elements of the content. You need to make content better by being more creative and taking the visual aspect into account. Make sure that the email you are sending makes use of a good template. A simple and minimalist design with easy-to-read typography does the trick. The more attractive the template of the email, the more people will be interested.

Likewise, for SMS marketing campaigns, most people have started using smartphones which dictates the use of specific styles so that your message can be conveyed. Paying attention to spacing, diction and the call-to-action is important too: your SMS message should be easy to understand and it should have a clear next step. WhatsApp is another amazing platform to send messages and just so another opportunity to get creative.

By implementing these tricks of the trade in your marketing strategies, you can easily revamp your style and increase your chance of success. Incorporate these tips into your marketing strategy and see where it takes you.