1. What Is Copywriting?
  2. Why Do You Need Copywriting Services?

A website without quality content is like a Facebook profile without a profile picture: it looks incomplete and is undeniably off-putting. Making your audience feel confused or guarded is not a good start. You want your website to stand out and give the audience the information they need while staying true to your brand voice.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting services have nothing to do with copyright law, but that should probably be checked out before your webpage goes live all the same. Copywriters are responsible for populating web pages with content. This is more than the cats, hamburgers and memes which seem to make up a large chunk of internet content. Quality copywriting is the ability to interpret the needs of a client for their website while remaining true to their brand identity without losing your voice as a writer.

Within a digital marketing company, copywriters are the interpreters of the information clients want to put forward. Do they want to teach, engage and inform? Perhaps the client has their heart set on inspiring, delighting and entertaining the reader. It is the copywriter’s job to do this to the specifications of the client.

Many people will allow you to give their content your spin in order to create content that is engaging to the reader. We do not take liberty with our freedoms but explore them as a means to be better. The best analogy of what makes a great copywriter is the same as what it takes to be a great actor. You need to be able to study and research a topic the way an actor would a character and develop a voice and tone that is suited to every particular copy you take on. This is also true of actors who need to interpret a script as a character. Both actors and copywriters are given parameters within which to make magic.

Why Do You Need Copywriting Services?

There are few things worse than going to a website that doesn’t function properly. But one thing worse than that is a webpage riddled with spelling mistakes, missing information or incongruent babble.

Those delivering copywriting services are skilled in interpreting a client’s needs while taking all the elements that will further their business into consideration as they work. Our digital marketing company will boost your content with quality SEO copywriting services, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and further your reach with social media services.

Contact us to create your original, quality content to further your company’s brand! Starbright, a copywriting company in Pretoria, is ready to deliver all this and more with high-end digital marketing services to suit your business needs.