1. What is Digital Guerilla Marketing?
  2. How to Do Guerilla Marketing Online?
  3. Online Guerrilla Marketing Ideas
Have you wondered whether guerilla marketing is actually still being used in the digital age? Well, it is still very much alive and kicking! In this article, we will discuss online guerilla marketing ideas as well as explain what this new form of guerilla marketing entails.

What is Digital Guerilla Marketing?

Traditional guerilla marketing consisted of making use of unconventional marketing strategies to create buzz for a brand. This type of marketing is in your face and even shocking at times. It is all about creating something that can’t be missed. While in previous years this consisted of flash mobs and company takeovers, things have slightly changed due to digital marketing and the digital age. Therefore, digital guerilla marketing still aims to shock and demand attention, but it makes use of digital means to do so.

How to Do Guerilla Marketing Online?

Ultimately, in order to do guerilla marketing online, one will make use of social media platforms and in some cases, Google. One applies the same framework as one would do when compiling and executing a traditional guerilla marketing strategy, but one makes use of digital platforms. In order to pull off online guerilla marketing, it is best to employ the help of an online marketing expert. The best place to find such experts is in a digital marketing agency. These specialists spend all day perfecting online marketing strategies and will be able to assist you in creating and executing a fantastic guerilla marketing campaign in the digital space.

Online Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

We know that coming up with guerilla marketing strategies can be daunting, especially if this is not something you have done before. Therefore, we have decided to give you some ideas and examples of successful online guerilla marketing.
  • Viral Videos: Seen by millions and shared just as many times, viral videos are a fantastic way to implement guerilla marketing online. For example, Metro Trains quite recently created a video that went viral. The video was called “dumb ways to die” and it took social media by storm. Overnight it was seen by millions and while it was very controversial, this is the point of guerilla marketing. You can view the video here.
  • Social Media Contests: Everyone wants to win, especially in an economy where it is sometimes hard to finance the things that you want and need. While those that enter into competitions know that the chance of them winning is slim, they still enter. This is a great opportunity to get organic reach for your brand as one can set one of the conditions as one having to share the competition to your personal page in order to enter. This will spread the competition and your brand like wildfire. The only catch here is that the prize needs to be significant, otherwise, it won’t work as well as one would hope.
  • Influencer Marketing: While approaching one influencer could expose your product or service to their followers, approaching multiple influencers could be even more beneficial. Within a short time, it will seem like your product or service is everywhere and being used by high-profile individuals. The sheer extent of your reach will classify this as an online guerilla marketing tactic.
  • Google Search: While this is not often done or considered as it is expensive, Google Search can be a fantastic guerilla marketing tactic. Right around the time that “The Last of Us” launched, the entire search results page would be overrun with cordyceps spores, which are the spores that “infect” the human population in the show. This was definitely an impressive and unforgettable marketing tactic! In fact, if you search for it now you should still be able to see it for yourself.
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