1. What is Nostalgia Marketing?
  2. Why Nostalgia Marketing Works
  3. Nostalgia Marketing Examples

Nostalgia marketing skyrocketed in 2020 as everyone was suddenly longing for a time where they could leave their homes, connect with friends and family, and be stimulated by more than just a screen, or a new banana bread recipe. The coronavirus pandemic caused the timeframe of nostalgia to move from many years ago, to a few months ago, making it much easier to make use of nostalgia in advertising and marketing.

In this article, we will discuss whether one should continue with nostalgia marketing in 2022, as well as why nostalgia marketing is such an effective tool.

What is Nostalgia Marketing?

Nostalgia marketing is the practice of making use of fond memories to inspire interest and loyalty from potential customers. The idea is to paint your brand in a positive light through the idea of comfort and security that generations experience when they think of certain global phenomena. Thus, it is important to keep in mind what generation you are targeting with your marketing efforts. This is because what is nostalgic to millennials will be different to what is nostalgic to baby boomers.

Why Nostalgia Marketing Works

The more uncomfortable, depressed, anxious, uncertain, and isolated people feel, the more they seek out comfort. This is why the coronavirus created the perfect environment for nostalgia marketing. Everyone was experiencing all of these emotions and actively searching for a way to reconnect with better times.

In 2022 this trend is still relevant as there is now the promise of one being able to enjoy what one once did in the near future, instead of it being unattainable. It could even be impactful once everyone returns to their busy, stressful, and social lives as COVID-19 restrictions lift and people are left longing for the calm and restful pyjama-filled days they grew to love during the continuous onslaught of lockdowns.

Nostalgia Marketing Examples

The perfect example of nostalgia marketing that was aimed at millennials, is the recent “Friends” revival that took place due to a reunion show. Once everyone heard that there was going to be a reunion show they binged all of the seasons to catch up, and now one cannot walk into a stationary or clothing store without spotting something with “Friends” branding on it. Everyone jumped on the “Friends” train and they are now more relevant than ever.

Nostalgia marketing could be the perfect strategy to ensure your brand soars to new heights. To find out more about nostalgia marketing and other digital marketing strategies that could elevate your brand, contact our team at Starbright.