1. What is a Hashtag Campaign?
  2. Getting Started with Hashtag Advertising Campaigns
  3. Hashtag Campaign Examples

The goal of every brand is to constantly expand and become more recognisable by the public. In today’s world where everyone lives on the internet, brand awareness is built through avenues such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Google Ads, and social media marketing. One of the ways that a brand can build a large amount of awareness is through a social media hashtag campaign.

In this article, we will discuss what hashtag campaigns are, explain how to start one and give you an example of a famous hashtag campaign.

What is a Hashtag Campaign?

A hashtag campaign is defined as a social media campaign that is centred around and makes use of a specific hashtag. This hashtag is created and promoted by the brand. Content that matches this hashtag is then generated to be released with this hashtag. Your audience should then start to pick up on this hashtag and start using it in their own content, which then spreads awareness about your brand. If a hashtag campaign is successful it spreads like wildfire, increasing your popularity immensely.

Getting Started with Hashtag Advertising Campaigns

There are a few key considerations to take into account when planning and starting a successful hashtag campaign.

  • Audience: As with any social media campaign, it is important to define who your target audience is and what platforms they are browsing. You must then select the appropriate platform and use it to launch your hashtag campaign.
  • Strategy: As always, strategy is compulsory. Without it, a campaign is doomed to fail. When creating and implementing a hashtag campaign it is important to create a content plan that will be entertaining to your audience to make a good impression.
  • Resources: Any campaign requires a lot of work which is why you need to decide whether you personally have the knowledge and capacity to implement a hashtag campaign or if you will employ an agency like Starbright.

Hashtag Campaign Examples

A great example of a hashtag campaign that exploded is the Coca-Cola #shareacoke campaign. It started as a local campaign in Australia and quickly spread across the globe. The idea was to engage with their audience in the form of personalisation. This was achieved by changing the branding to include the most popular names found in a country on their cans. This was then accompanied by posts on social media with the hashtag “Share a Coke”.

This campaign reinvigorated Coca-Cola and once again made it relevant to its consumers. At Starbright, we specialise in digital marketing and can help you reach your target audience. To find out more about how we can help your brand reach success, contact our team.