1. What Does It Mean To Post A Boost?
  2. How To Boost A Post On Social Media
  3. What Are The Benefits Of Boosting Posts
  4. Are You Ready To Boost A Social Post?
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Social media marketing has opened a treasure trove of opportunities for businesses. Between 2018 and 2022, about 81% of companies jumped on the Facebook bandwagon, 80% networked like pros on LinkedIn, and 61% snapped their way to success on Instagram.

With these numbers in mind, how can a business stand out and make a significant impact on social media?

Organic traffic is not the way to go anymore, especially with the rise in competition, the abundance of content, and the ever-changing algorithms. Social media marketing is now a pay-to-play game, and one way to do that is by boosting your posts.

But what does it mean to post a boost? How can you do this? And what are the benefits of boosting a post?

In this guide, we will answer the following questions for you:

1) What does it mean to post a boost?
2) How can you boost a post on social media? (Referring only to Instagram & Facebook social post boosting)
3) What are the benefits of boosting a post?

Let's dive in!

What Does It Mean To Post A Boost?

Boosting a post on social media means paying to expand its reach. You pay the platform to show your post to a larger, targeted audience, which helps you gain more followers, engagement, and conversions.

How To Boost A Post On Social Media

Below we'll share steps on how to boost a post on Instagram and Facebook, two of the most popular social media platforms for businesses.

Boosting A Post On Instagram

1. Create an Instagram business account - Before you can boost a post on Instagram, you need to have a business account. If you already have a personal account, switch it to a business one by going to your profile settings and clicking "Switch to Business Profile.
2. Choose the post you want to boost - Look for the post that you want to reach more people with.
3. Tap on "Boost Post" in the bottom right corner (take a look at the image below taken from one of our Instagram posts).

4. Select your goal - what do you want people to do when they see your ad? Visit your profile, visit your website, or send a message. Choose the option that aligns with your marketing goals.
5. Choose your audience - Once you select a goal, you can choose a category and either opt for a suggested audience or create your own. (Here, you'll need to know your target audience's demographics, interests, behaviour, etc.)
6. Set a budget and duration - Decide how much you want to spend and how long you want the ad to run.
7. Review and confirm your boost - Double-check all the details before clicking "Boost" to make sure everything is correct.

Boosting A Post On Facebook

1. Create a Facebook business page - Similar to Instagram, you need a business page to boost posts on Facebook. If you don't have one yet, create one by going to
2. Choose the post you want to boost - Go to your business page and select the post you want to boost.
3. Click on "Boost Post" in the bottom right corner - This will open a new window where you can set up your promotion.
4. Select your business location and time zone - This helps Facebook reach the right audience at the right time.
5. Once you've done this, you'll be directed to an Ad Preview. From here, scroll down and fill in your goal, the call-to-action, special ad category, targeted audience, your budget and duration, and lastly, your payment method.
6. Now click on "boost post now", and you're good to go!

Follow these steps to boost posts on Instagram and Facebook, and watch your engagement and reach increase. Remember to set clear goals and target the right audience for the best results. And don't forget to review and monitor your boosted posts to see how they're performing.

What Are The Benefits Of Boosting Posts

Boosting posts on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook can have numerous benefits apart from just capturing the hearts of a wider audience.

Here are a few other lesser-known benefits of boosting posts:

Increases Brand Awareness

Nobody just stumbles upon a brand they've never heard of before and decides to buy their product or service. People need to be aware of your brand, what it stands for, and how it can help them. By boosting posts, you increase the reach of your content and thus introduce your brand to a larger audience.

Generates Leads

If you have a golden post filled with a compelling call-to-action, it can lead to direct conversions and sales.

Affordable Advertising

Unlike Google Ads or traditional advertising methods, boosting posts on social media platforms is relatively affordable. You can set your budget and duration according to your needs and target audience.

Increases Engagement

Boosted posts often see higher engagement rates compared to organic posts. This is because they are shown to a wider audience who may not have seen it otherwise.

Provides Valuable Insights

With the help of analytics and monitoring tools, you can gain valuable insights on your boosted posts. This information can be used to fine-tune future campaigns and improve the overall performance of your social media strategy.

Builds Credibility

By appearing as a sponsored post, boosted content can increase the credibility of your brand. People are more likely to trust and engage with content that is backed by advertising.

Increases Website Traffic

If your boosted post includes your website link, it can drive traffic to your website and potentially convert visitors into customers. (It also helps with SEO, but that's a story for another time.)

Are You Ready To Boost A Social Post?

Follow the steps outlined above and boost your first social post today! You'll soon the benefits of this powerful marketing tool and be on your way to stand out above the competition on social media.

For added peace of mind, reach out to us.

Our social media marketing services cover every single detail of boosting posts on various platforms. We'll help you create effective boosted campaigns that will drive results and increase your online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Happens If A Boosted Post Does Not Perform Well?

A boosted post may not perform well for several reasons. This could be due to targeting the wrong audience, poor quality content, or insufficient budget for the campaign. In this case, it's important to reassess and adjust your strategy for future campaigns.

2. What Should I Do If Facebook Rejects My Boosted Post?

Facebook has strict guidelines for boosted posts, and if your post does not adhere to these guidelines, it may be rejected. Some common reasons for rejection include using excessive text in images, promoting illegal or restricted content, or violating community standards. If your post is rejected, you can try editing it to comply with the guidelines and resubmitting it for review.

3. Can I Boost A Post On Multiple Platforms?

Yes, you can boost a post on multiple social media platforms. However, remember that each platform has its rules and algorithms for boosting posts. It's important to tailor your boosted post strategy for each platform to maximise its effectiveness.

4. How Often Should I Boost My Posts?

The frequency of boosting posts can vary depending on your marketing goals and budget. It's recommended to boost posts at least once a week to maintain consistent visibility and engagement with your audience.