1. Consistent Information Across Platforms
  2. Some Features of Claiming Your Google My Business Listing
  3. Direct Link to Your Users
  4. Management of Your Reviews
  5. Access to Insightful Data

A Google My Business listing is free and a great way to increase your business’ visibility on Google. It has multiple features designed to attract customers and clients to your business. This article discusses its features and why your business shouldn’t be without a claimed, and verified, Google My Business Listing in this digital age.

Consistent Information Across Platforms

Many online extensions of your business, such as Google Maps and Calendar, rely on Google for their data and will pull information directly from your Google My Business listing. Crucial information concerning your business and how users can interact and find you are included in your listing – these include:

  • Company Name
  • Physical Address/Location
  • Website
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Trading Hours
  • Product Images / Services
  • Reviews

The consistency (if kept updated) across platforms like Calendar and Maps is enough to make a great first impression with Google users.

Some Features of Claiming Your Google My Business Listing

According to Google, by verifying all of your relevant information you are twice as likely to be seen, and considered, as a reputable source by both Google and potential customers.

Direct Link to Your Users

A Google My Business listing gives you the power to directly and conveniently communicate with your customers to portray the image and tell the story of your company the way you see fit.

The first impression your business makes is further assisted by the fact that you are free to upload media like photos and videos to show off your location, products and services. This is ideal for highlighting promotions or star products.

On mobile, users can easily view your business listing and click on the phone option to get in contact instantaneously. The same feature is applied to email addresses, where the email address of the business can be clicked on and the mobile email app automatically opens.

If you are in the market and doing a general Google search such as “web development companies near me” you will be offered a list of Google My Business listings that fit your keyword and fall within your nearby locations, which users can browse through.

Management of Your Reviews

Business reviews are a crucial component of SEO basics. SEO and digital marketing specialists are well aware of this and encourage engagement with those that leave reviews or ask questions. This way, you can clear up any situations which may have gone sour through prompt and excellent service to correct any problems.

Access to Insightful Data

Those offering SEO marketing services can make use of the data made available by your Google My Business listing in order to better understand when and where your customers are finding you online. This insight can help to inform your online marketing campaigns, improve your visibility and cater to your target audience better. It remains true: knowledge is power and in this case Google My Business is providing a whole lot of knowledge.

Google My Business can take time to set up and manage, so you should consider having the experts do it for you. Contact Starbright for stellar SEO and digital marketing services and advice.