1. How does Google Meet work?
  2. What Is Google Meet Used for?
  3. Is Google Meet better than Zoom?
  4. Is Google Meet free?
Google Meet is a video conferencing application that allows users to virtually meet with anyone who has access to an internet connection.

How does Google Meet work?

It is pretty simple: in order to use Google Meet, you’ll require either a Gmail account or a Google Workspace account in order to start a virtual meeting. You can schedule a meeting in your Google Calendar and add in Google Meet video conferencing in the Google Calendar Event, or you can navigate and schedule a meeting whether it is an impromptu or scheduled meeting. Google Meet also allows you to join a meeting with your mobile device, making it easy for people on the go to attend meetings. You can dial a number that Google has preconfigured for you on your cellular device and join the meeting over voice. This number can be found on the invitation.

What Is Google Meet Used for?

Google Meet is used for video conferencing or virtual meetings either internally or externally, personally or for business. You can set up a board meeting using the Google Meet hardware in your boardroom, allowing for 12 or more members to participate in one sitting. Mostly Google Meet will be used for members of a business to meet from anywhere, using either a cell phone, tablet, computer or laptop.

Is Google Meet better than Zoom?

Both platforms work similarly. You can schedule and have virtual meetings, host meetings in 720p resolution, change backgrounds, present your screen, change your background, and more, on both platforms.  Zoom, however, can host a meeting with an additional 1000 users at no additional cost, whereas Google can host up to 240 participants or as many as you need when you have the Google Workspace Enterprise package. Over the years, Google Meet has grown to meet industry standards. Features include:
  • an easy integration,
  • Voting Polls,
  • Tiled Galleries participants
  • splitting up meetings into different ‘rooms’,
  • using Whiteboard for idea pitching or notes,
  • in-Meet chat,
  • recordings saved in your Google Drive for later use,
  • Google speech-to-text API allows the participants to read what the person is saying when sound is a problem
  • or even adding attachments in the Meeting

Is Google Meet free?

Google Meet is included with your personal Gmail account, so yes, it is free, however, with free solutions come limitations. With the free version, you can have up to one hour of per Meeting with up to 100 participants. With the Google Workspace Business packages, you can have up to 300 internal users scheduling Google Meet allowing up to 250 participants in one Meet session. Please view our pricing page on Google Workspace pricing for more information, and contact us for more innovative digital marketing and G-Suite solutions.