Google Adwords

We Are A Leading AdWords PPC Company

AdWords is the quickest way to generate leads and sales through your website or landing page.

We are one of South Africa’s only Certified Google Partners in ALL Google products (you’ll find our Google Partners badge at the bottom of our page). This means that we are a leading AdWords Company with accredited professionals. Our team of AdWords specialists will provide a unique, insightful and focused strategy for you.

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Google AdWords does not just consist of the adverts you see on Google Search Results pages.

It covers:

  • Google Display Banner Advertisements
  • YouTube Advertisements
  • Gmail Advertisements
  • Mobile Phone In App Advertisements

AdWords is relatively fast to set up and allows for targeting options that improve your chances of getting a high return on your investment.

Targeting options include:       

  • Geographic locations
  • Interests & Hobbies
  • Age & Gender
  • Keywords
  • Devices & Technology
  • Remarketing

What is Google AdWords?

Search Advertising

This is the most common form of AdWords advertising. When someone searches for something related to your product or service, your advert shows up. This is ideal for targeting customers who are ready to buy your products/ services. When used in conjunction with a landing page, you will instantly capture sales leads. 

Display Advertising

This is an extremely cost effective form of online advertising and branding; it includes all shapes and sizes of banners found on websites throughout the internet, including YouTube. These advertisements are either static, dynamic (to draw a potential customer’s attention) or a video advertisement. Targeting can be based on the target markets’ demographics, psychographics, and interests.

YouTube Advertising

This is a targeted and cost effective way of online advertising and branding. It includes advertising videos that display before or during a YouTube video as well as banners on YouTube pages. Targeting is based on a specific target market's demographics, psychographic and video preferences.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

We are one of a handful of South African agencies who have been selected by Google as part of the beta testing group. This is now available to the public and is still one of the most successful advertising campaigns. Gmail advertising allows for accurate targeting of markets including demographics, psychographic and targeted keywords within emails.