1. How do you do holiday marketing?

Everywhere we go we see holiday lights twinkling and Christmas specials hanging in store windows, the festive season is in full swing! At the end of the year, we all feel the need to spoil ourselves a little and if your business doesn’t capitalise on this increase in demand, you lose out.

How do you do holiday marketing?

Starbright has compiled a list of 3 tips and tricks to help you do holiday marketing and capitalise on the jovial seasons skyrocketing demands.

Don’t Pause or Stop Marketing. Ever!

Even if sales go down during the festive holidays in South Africa, people are spending more time online browsing while they are enjoying their eggnog at home. Depending on your line of work, the holiday season is usually the time your business shuts down and takes a well-deserved break. Whatever industry your company is in, there is one thing you should not take a break from over the holiday season, and that is social media marketing.

‘Tis the season for relaxing at home and browsing on social media. Even if your company is not open during this time, it would be a pity to miss out on all of the internet action. If people are routinely following your page and engaging with your content, they may unfollow you if they see you aren’t posting anymore. Even a little pause in social media marketing might result in you losing followers to your competition.

Offer Specials and Discount Codes

Unfortunately, by now, we’ve all realised there will be no free gifts dropping down our chimney any time soon, and that’s why seasonal special offers and discount codes are the next best thing! When offering discount codes and special deals, customers won’t be able to resist, especially during the holiday season when everyone feels the need to give back. All of these techniques, with their emphasis on deals, promotions, and savings, will undoubtedly result in increased sales volumes.

Take the Remarketing Route

Target people that you know have been on your website, Facebook, or Instagram previously. Remarketing to people that have engaged with your business before is a much more effective way to do digital marketing over the festive period. A remarketing strategy allows you to draw back consumers who did not finish their purchase on their initial visit. When you select the appropriate channel and segment based on your audience, your remarketing advertising will ensure that they get a customised experience. When this occurs, customers trust your brand because you understand their demands.

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