1. The Benefits of Email Personalisation
  2. Segment Your Audience
  3. Build Customer Personas
  4. Create Behaviour-Triggered Campaigns
Email marketing has already proven itself as an effective digital marketing strategy, its dynamic capabilities present a variety of possibilities and opportunities; of which one of these possibilities is personalisation. Email campaigns can be packaged and filled with content that presents recipients with a message that leverages personalisation and makes it appear that the email was tailor-made for each individual, with content that is both relevant and personal. NB: It is important to note that in order to successfully implement personalisation tactics, the integrity of your database must be spot on. At Starbright, we can help you manage your database effectively and efficiently using data verification processes and expert management techniques.

The Benefits of Email Personalisation

By adding personal flair to your email campaigns, your emails are able to:
  • Speak directly to your clients based on relevant and customised material
  • Increase open and click rates, as well as engagement
  • Enhance your customers’ experience with content that is applicable, to the right people, at the right time.
Now that we know that there are many benefits of email personalisation, how can you get more personal in your email campaigns?

Segment Your Audience

By segmenting your email lists, you’re on the right track to get started with more personalised and relevant email campaigns. Using various categories, you can segment your email lists so as to provide more relevant content to people based on their individual preferences, behaviours or statistics. Some of the categories that can be used to segment email lists include:
  • Location
  • Job title or Company Size
  • Behavioural Data
  • Purchase History
By categorising your lists into the above segments, you can create more specific campaigns to target the relevant people with the right information.

Build Customer Personas

To further leverage your segmented email lists, you can create customer personas. Using multitudes of data, you can build customer personas that give you the ability to group customers together into a single person that then becomes the face of your personalised marketing strategies. For businesses with a wide range of product and service offerings, creating various customer personas based on clients’ data becomes an extremely useful tool to drive marketing campaigns geared towards relevancy, personalisation, and enhancing customer experience.

Create Behaviour-Triggered Campaigns

Behaviour-triggered emails are campaigns that have been set up in order to provide your users or customers with the relevant information they need, at the time they need it, along their journey as a customer or potential customer. A common example would be a “welcome email” which is sent to subscribers once they sign up for a specific service or program. Once built, using design and copywriting services, these emails can then be automated to send to the user as soon as they sign up or purchase something. These emails can provide recipients with the information they need to know what to do next, what to expect, or simply as a message of recognition. There are still a number of methods, such as personalising the subject of the email with the recipient’s name, which you can use to personalise your emails in order to improve campaign success with content that is relevant and applicable to your audience. For email marketing and copywriting services that are geared towards a successful digital marketing strategy, give our experts a shout. At Starbright, we are ready to offer you the tools, professionals, and advice you need for your business to stand out, get results, and outshine competitors.