1. What is ASO?
  2. How App Search Optimisation Works
  3. Applying App Search Optimisation in South Africa
We have spoken a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in the past. However, we have recently been receiving some enquiries about ASO (App Search Optimisation). The first thing you should know is that though they are similar, App Search Optimisation is not the same as Search Engine Optimisation. The reason for this is that SEO focuses on search engines such as Google, whereas ASO focuses on the App Store (both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store). In this article, we will explain what ASO is and the basics of how it works.

What is ASO?

When done correctly, ASO can help push your app to the forefront of search results and increase the popularity of your app. It will also expose your app to relevant users, as it will appear when certain key search phrases or words are typed into the app store. This will intrinsically boost the number of installs of your app.

How App Search Optimisation Works

An app store is ultimately a closed search engine. Therefore many of the methods and tactics utilised to increase ASO are similar to those used in SEO. Some of the basics of ASO include:
  • Keywords: As with SEO it is important to understand what phrases and words users are typing into the App Store to find the apps they are looking for. One must therefore do keyword research and include these keywords in your app name or title. One must also optimise and include these keywords in the app’s description.
  • Localised Content: It is advisable to localise your content to the language used in your area, as this will be more relatable to users and they are more likely to install an app that speaks to them.
  • Categorise correctly: It is important to list your app under the correct category in the App Store. This will help users find your app more easily as they search and will help to increase your app’s rankings. You will want to choose a category that both describes your app perfectly and preferably does not have too much competition.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Though difficult to control, ratings and reviews of your app are important. Users will often compare the ratings and reviews of apps and choose the one with the most positive feedback. The more positive reviews and ratings you receive, the higher your app will rank on the App Store.
There are many other factors that influence your rankings on an App Store. All of these aspects work together to improve your rankings, and each should be paid attention to and worked on to ensure success.

Applying App Search Optimisation in South Africa

If you are planning on, or already have launched an app, it is advisable to perform ASO. Though it might seem simple, ASO is very intricate and requires a lot of experience to perform correctly. It also takes a lot of time, which a business owner oftentimes does not have. It is therefore advisable to consult an ASO expert who resides in and performs ASO in your country, as they will be able to offer advice on localised requirements and strategies Contact Starbright to find out more about App Search Optimisation