1. What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?
  2. Is it Worth Hiring a Marketing Agency?
  3. How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?
  4. The Brightest Digital Marketing Agency in Pretoria

We at Strabright have noticed that there are a lot of questions surrounding digital marketing agencies. This includes; what a marketing agency can do for a business, whether it’s worth it to make use of one, and what costs to factor into one’s decision. Therefore, we have decided to answer these questions as a marketing agency based in Pretoria.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

A digital marketing agency ultimately creates and implements digital marketing strategies for your business. They also measure the success of the campaigns created and report back to you on this success. Their main goal is to increase the number of leads that your business receives. It should be mentioned that they are not responsible for whether or not the lead converts into a paying customer; however, if the quality of leads that you are receiving is not the best, they can adjust their strategy to improve upon this. It is therefore important that you communicate with your marketing agency. Some of the services that should be offered by a comprehensive digital marketing agency include:

  • Google Ads: This is known as PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing. Ultimately a Google ads specialist creates and runs ads on Google. These are typically the first 3 results that appear on Google when you search for a product or service. Each time someone clicks on the ad, you pay a certain fee.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimisation focuses on increasing your website’s ranking on a search engine. Therefore, it tries to convince Google that your website is relevant to a user and provides them with comprehensive information and services. This will encompass many things such as the quality of information on your website, loading speeds, URL structure and more. Ultimately SEO will improve the credibility of your website.
  • Social Media Marketing: Making use of social media to market your business through both paid ads and organic content can increase your leads and potential customers’ trust in your brand.
  • Website Design and Development: The point of all of these marketing strategies is to funnel potential customers to your website, where they take action to become a lead. However, your marketing strategies can be extremely effective and well executed, but if a potential customer lands on your website and is underwhelmed they will never convert. A badly designed and built website will also have negative effects on SEO and Google Ads. Therefore, it is important to determine if your website is of high quality or not.

Is it Worth Hiring a Marketing Agency?

Yes! Making use of a digital marketing agency is absolutely worth it. When you use a marketing agency you are sure that every person working on your account is an expert in their specific field. They spend every day keeping up with the newest developments in marketing and honing their skills. Therefore, you know that you will receive the best results possible. They will also be able to give your marketing campaigns more attention than you ever would. This is extremely important as digital marketing requires constant attention and monitoring in order for it to succeed.

How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

The cost of digital marketing will vary depending on the industry that your company is situated in. This will determine the amount you will need to pay for Google Ads in order for your company to compete with bigger brands in your industry. Social media ads also require a certain amount of budget for them to run effectively. On top of these ad fees, there will be fees for the amount of work done on your account and hours spent on your account per month. While this might seem like a lot at first, the number of sales and revenue your will gain from this will far surpass your monthly digital marketing expenses.

The Brightest Digital Marketing Agency in Pretoria

Starbright is a digital marketing agency based in Pretoria. We only hire the best and brightest in their field, ensuring that you have true experts working on your account. Contact our specialised team to find out how we can increase the number of leads your receive and grow your business.