1. Website Designers and Website Developers are Different Beasts
  2. They are Fascinated with How Things Work
  3. Tinkering is How They Learn
  4. They Yearn to Create

You may know website developers or be one yourself, but here at Starbright there are some things that have proven to be – and remain – true about website developers and their work.

Website Designers and Website Developers are Different Beasts

Website design services are not the same as what website developers do. They are undeniably similar and both end up doing work that goes into building a website, but there are important differences to note. Website design and website development require two different unique skill sets to do well although the terms have become interchangeable when referring to a company. Website design companies and website development companies deliver the same thing and so are beginning to be known simply as “web companies.”

Essentially, web designers design the aesthetic qualities of a website using programs like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch or Dreamweaver. On the other hand, website developers take the website’s design and form a functioning website with these aesthetic properties. The programming languages may vary though; web designers use various programming languages from HTML and PHP to CSS and JavaScript to build a fully-fledged, interactive, dynamic website. Luckily for you, Starbright provides website design services in Pretoria as well as web development.

They are Fascinated with How Things Work

Website developers are naturally interested in the way things work. This leads them to better understand their computer-generated languages which allow them to “speak” to the device to create a website. They are tech-savvy and have an understanding of the way in which things work to the point they may interrogate you with questions in order to understand if they don’t.

Tinkering is How They Learn

Writing code requires hours of meticulous work. But understanding code entails an in-depth look at how to communicate with devices, which is what allows them to build things. A lot of this they learn by not only using code but exploring and playing with existing code to see what the new command did to the end result. Web design services are here to help take what website developers have learned in order to build websites from the ground up.

They Yearn to Create

Creating is part of the joys of website development. Being able to build something extraordinary from the ground up is a euphoria website developers know well. It would not be surprising if, when you ask your website developer friends about their hobbies, they are likely to include art, music and crafting. This is due to the fact that they love to create and likely have some form of it that they express in their free time.

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