1. eCommerce Email Examples that Build Trust
  2. eCommerce Email Marketing Examples
Email marketing works exceptionally well for boosting sales in eCommerce. Where other digital marketing efforts mostly target new and potential customers, email marketing is able to target those who have already purchased a product from you or potential customers that are so interested in your products that they want to stay informed. In this article, we will provide you with two sets of 4 eCommerce email marketing examples that work. Each type of email has a specific purpose, and when joined together and executed correctly, they can increase sales dramatically.

eCommerce Email Examples that Build Trust

Even though those who sign up to your email list already have purchasing intent, it is important to build as much trust as possible. There are 4 types of emails that can facilitate this bridge of trust.

eCommerce Welcome Email Examples

This is the first email anyone who signs up for your email list should receive. It is a wonderful way to make a customer feel instantly valued and appreciated. Email signups will typically occur when filling in a sign-up sheet on your website or when creating an account to make a purchase. Mr Price does a good job here of prompting you to shop further once you’ve signed up or made a purchase.

eCommerce Informational Emails

Emails such as newsletters, company announcements and informational resources fall under this bracket. These emails provide you with the opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your field as well as keep them up to date on any news that you would like to share that would be valuable to them. Faithful to Nature does a great job of sending out information-rich emails that educate its customers on all things natural.

Replenishment Emails

A replenishment email can be a nice touch and will be appreciated by clients who aren’t the best at keeping track of their stocks. Essentially these emails are sent out to those who have purchased a product that needs to be replenished after a certain amount of time. This can include vitamins, prescriptions, and most consumable items. There are a few beauty brands that are known for keeping an eye out for when you need to restock. These include Lancome, Clinique, and ILIA.

Feedback and Review Emails

Feedback and review emails are a great way to make customers understand that you care about their input and what their wants and needs are. It is also a good way to gather data on how you can improve your online store and ultimately increase sales. Uber makes great use of review emails to ensure the customer feels heard and is happy with their service.

eCommerce Email Marketing Examples

After building trust you want to make sure you are sending out emails that prompt customers to buy. These 4 examples

Product-Based Emails

Product-based emails should be a staple in your eCommerce email marketing strategy as they inform loyal and potential customers of new products or products that have been restocked that they might have missed out on at an earlier date. Takealot is fantastic at these emails and how many of us have clicked straight through from the email to the website? A lot of us!

Promotional Emails

Promotional emails are fantastic for sales and specials. It spreads the word and gives the chance to those customers who have been waiting for a specific product to go on sale forever to get their foot in the door. One Day Only is the perfect example of this as they send out emails informing customers of their next sale.

Re-Engagement Emails

If a customer has purchased from you in the past but has not done so in a long while, an engagement email is the perfect way to reel them back in! Cotton On is especially good at this tactic as they tend to send re-engagement emails that often contain a voucher to encourage a purchase.

Abandonment Emails

Abandonment emails are those emails that are sent out if you have started a purchasing process but have left your cart full and have not made the payment. Levi’s is fantastic at reminding you to circle back and finish your purchase while keeping it lighthearted and fun. Contact Starbright to find out more about how you can optimise your eCommerce email marketing strategy and increase your online store sales.