1. Create Compelling Call to Actions (CTAs)
  2. Ensure Swift Loading Time
  3. Simplify Navigation
  4. Mobile First Design

Besides content, the layout, functionality and features of your website are equally important to focus on in the development of your website. All of these elements contribute to the experience of the user, and if used correctly, will have a positive impact on your website’s traffic and conversion rate. We have therefore put together a basic design guideline which highlights some of the best-practice website design and development solutions to ensure online popularity and success; let’s take a look.

Create Compelling Call to Actions (CTAs)

One of the main objectives of most websites is to entice users to complete an action, such as downloading marketing content, submitting contact details for further information, buying an item, or signing up for a newsletter. For any business or industry, it is therefore important to create strong CTAs in order to convert your website traffic into useful leads or new clients.

Ensure Swift Loading Time

Through the use of professional web development services, your website can have a guaranteed quick loading time in order to minimise bounce rates. In today’s digital age, internet users want to get to the information or products they are looking for, fast. Having a website that is slow in response has a negative impact on bounce rates and conversions. There are a few best-practice solutions which are used by website developers in order to optimise website speed and create an ultra-fast responsive website.

Simplify Navigation

As mentioned in the above point, modern users want to reach their destination quickly, therefore, not only should loading time be minimised, but navigation should be simplified in order to create an easy journey from your home page to the various solutions you offer. In order to simplify the journey of your users, you need to create a simplified sitemap and user journey for your visitors to follow. Your website visitors should not have to jump around from page to page in order to find their solution, they should be able to reach the end goal in the minimum amount of clicks.

Mobile First Design

In order for your website to be successful, it should be able to function seamlessly across multiple devices and screen resolutions. This means that people who are visiting your website on mobile devices should have the same experience as your PC guests. Web design companies in South Africa will, therefore, ensure to design and develop your responsive website with multiple platforms in mind to ensure that your website has maximum exposure and online success.

At Starbright, our web developers work meticulously to ensure that all best-practice solutions are covered in the creation of your website. Our team of industry experts are ready to ensure that all the foundations of your website are properly laid for ultimate online business success, contact us now for more information.