1. What Does a Web Design Company Do?
  2. An Experienced Web Design Company in Centurion
Everyone knows that in order for your business to succeed, you need a website so that potential customers can find you! However, the problem many businesses face today is the number of competitors that also have websites. No longer is a simple website enough to bring in business, your website needs to be amazing! Your website should not only be visually appealing, it should also function optimally and be easy for the user to navigate. While this might seem simple, it takes multiple experts in various fields to make a website great and profitable. In this article, we will discuss what a web design company does and how making use of these services can ensure that your website is client ready!

What Does a Web Design Company Do?

A web design company offers many services and is able to assist with creating a website from concept to the moment you go live, and for years to come.
  • Design: A website designer focuses on creating a visually appealing website design that effectively communicates your brand and its message. They will typically meet with you (the client) before starting the design process. In this meeting, they will gather information about your brand, your target audience, and your business goals. This will guide them in creating a look and feel. Once they have designed a look and feel they will send it to you for approval. It is important to remember that the design they send through for approval will be a static one. This means that the “view more” buttons, rotating banners, and other elements that might have functionality or movement will not. This look and feel are only meant to give you an idea of what the website will look like once it is done.
  • User Experience Design: More commonly referred to as a UX designer, these designers focus on ensuring that the website has a natural path that the user can follow. They will, therefore, try to make the website as easy to navigate as possible. They will determine whether the “Calls To Action” are in the correct places if the user can easily find the information they are looking for and more. This is very important, as this will influence the number of conversions that your website receives.
  • Development: Once the design and UX have been completed, development can begin. This is the phase where developers turn the design into a functional website that can be found and accessed on the internet. Web developers will make use of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build your website. They will also ensure that your website is responsive and fast (no one wants to wait around for five minutes for a website to load). Depending on your business and its needs, your website will also make use of a content management system such as WordPress or Drupal.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: A web design company should have SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services. If they do, it is always best to have this done. Once your website has been built, an SEO will further optimise your website for search engines such as Google. Ultimately they make your website Google-friendly so that your website ranks highly. When done correctly, this will allow your website to be one of the first to show when a user types in a search term that relates to your website.
  • Maintenance: You might not have known this, but websites need to be maintained in order for them to continue working and performing optimally. If you decide to, the web design company you opted for will maintain your website on a monthly basis ensuring that it is up to date with the latest security patches, performance software updates, prevent or fix any bugs, and more.

An Experienced Web Design Company in Centurion

It is important to ensure that the web design company you opt for is able to offer all of these services. It is equally important that the web design company employs experts in these fields. If this is not the case, you might end up with a final product that is unsatisfactory. Be sure to ask for examples of previous websites designed and developed by the company or even ask for references before making your decision. Starbright is a web design and development company that specialises in building functional and visually appealing websites that are easy to navigate. Contact our team to find out more about our service offerings.