1. It’s so 2008
  2. It Has a Complicated Navigation System
  3. It Does Not Provide Seamless Functionality on All Devices
  4. It Does Not Reflect All your Latest Service or Product Offerings
  5. Looking for a Web Development Company in Pretoria?

In today’s digital age, there comes a time when every business with an existing website should re-evaluate the current appeal and efficiency of its online presence. For online success, it is imperative to have a flawlessly, modern and responsive website. If done correctly, through a professional web development company in South Africa, your website can generate a massive amount of leads and become your always-on-duty salesperson.

The following are reasons to revamp your website and will assist you in determining whether it’s time for your website to follow the latest trends, match up to competitors, and transform into a flawless online masterpiece.

It’s so 2008

If your website was designed a few years back, it will definitely be noticeable by your page visitors. The design could be outdated, it could have no/limited social media integration, it could have a lack of multimedia flavour, or it could simply hold zero appeal to your target market. An aesthetically outdated website is certainly not appealing, and definitely won’t stand out from your modern competitors.

It Has a Complicated Navigation System

A complex sitemap will do no favours for your online visitors. Browsers are searching for an easy-to-use website which can take them to what they are looking for without having to navigate through a confusing conglomeration of tabs, links, and pages. A professional web development agency will work with you to develop a user-friendly sitemap for simplified navigation, this will contribute to an increased conversion rate.

It Does Not Provide Seamless Functionality on All Devices

Your website may look great on a standard PC, but does it display and function correctly on mobiles and tablet devices? Websites that were designed a few years back often did not take multiple devices into consideration in the web development process, this means that many websites are still not optimised for multi-device usage, which is an extremely important feature in today’s mobile environment.

It Does Not Reflect All your Latest Service or Product Offerings

Your website may be outdated content-wise as well. Having a website that does not correctly correspond to all your latest service and product offerings can be detrimental to your business. A web development agency will be able to assist you by adding relevant information, while simultaneously simplifying the current content. Your search engine rankings can also be amplified during this process through the usage of strategic SEO keywords.

Although many of us understand the importance of a modern, effective website, not all of us understand how to start the redesign process, nor do we have the time to research the latest design and ranking trends. A website revamp is a highly intensive task, but the prospects of having a new online brand with ultra-efficient functionality is not to be missed out on, and, by enlisting the help of an expert web marketing company, the task can be simple and seamless.

Looking for a Web Development Company in Pretoria?

If you’re looking for a pro in web design in Pretoria to help you revamp your website, transform it into a modern online superstar, and improve your conversion rate, contact Starbright today. Our speciality is transforming your website into a masterpiece fit for the modern digital world.