1. Who Is Involved In The Process?
  2. Web Design: What Is It?
  3. Web Development: What Is It?

Who, and what is really necessary in today’s global village? With the expansion of the internet and people spending ever-increasing amounts of time there, businesses are quickly realising that having a high-quality website is absolutely necessary. That is why you need the website development and web design services of a professional web development agency in South Africa.

Who Is Involved In The Process?

In order to end up with a proper, high-quality website you need to enlist the services of both web designers and web developers. There are many people today taking the shortcut of simply using online tools to build websites using simple templates, but these are extremely limited and will not show off your brand the way a professional business website should. That is why both website design and web development are absolutely necessary.

Web Design: What Is It?

For most people, the word design brings up the idea of images, whether it be fashion designs or architectural drawings. This is, basically, exactly what web design services offer clients. As a web development agency in Pretoria, we take great care to understand the way you see your business and its personality, and our very own in-house designer incorporates all of this into your website design. We make sure that your logo and unique brand identity are clear on your custom-built website, which is exactly what high-quality websites are all about.

One of the greatest benefits to your website of us being able to design and develop it ourselves is that everything is guaranteed to fit. Our designer is fully aware of the functionality requirements of the later development stage, as well as the exact specifications for the structural guidelines and sizes. So when the development begins, everything already fits exactly where it should and works along with all the modern trends to give you the perfect website to attract and keep users.

Web Development: What Is It?

Web development is the more technical aspect of web design services. This involves web developers taking the visual design and using programming languages such as HTML and PHP or more advanced content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal and WordPress to (metaphorically) put a skeleton under the design skin. With the programming filling out the flesh of the design the images that were buttons can begin to function as buttons, and page images turn into functioning web pages.

With our highly specialised team of developers, making use of us as your website development company ensures that you know your website will be developed professionally and in line with the latest trends. You also gain the assurance that your website will be as dynamic and personalised as you require, as well as being easily maintainable and updateable. So, should any aspect of your business change we can easily update your website to keep it relevant and effective.

Our dedicated web design and development team at Starbright have the experience and qualifications to provide you with the best possible web design services, no matter your needs or business industry, guaranteed. Contact us today and see for yourself just why we are such a successful website development company.