1. Why Do We Write On The Web?
  2. Content Is King

Humanity’s ability to communicate through language has had its very own role in our evolutionary development. When the written word was first used it was for the purpose of getting something done; building a pyramid to be precise. This was the first instance where information could travel across space and time. Preserving and sharing knowledge changed history forever, in a way we are aware of because of the written word.

The way we get things done has changed but our ability to communicate through words has only improved the way this is done. Now we can relay instructions, ideas and information across the world at the click of a button thanks to the internet. In a sea of content, your word must stand out to be noticed against everything recorded and available.

Why Do We Write On The Web?

When working on a project it is near impossible to delegate to thousands of workers what is expected of them and instructions on how to do so. And so the written word was born and evolved within cultures. If knowledge is power then the written word is its courier across time and space.

Because the internet is the fastest means of communication of all media, the written word will always be the basis of this as it is the basis of communication. Some people fear the written word will be replaced by video streaming. Even in this case the written word still has a role to play. It is the way in which the viewer finds relevant information, albeit in a different medium. Implementing SEO services into writing on the internet is a practice of relevancy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the practice of using language as a means of making your written word the most visible it can be amongst the plethora of information available on the web. Writing with SEO is an art that requires finesse and research to use along with your language and communication skills to rank higher on Google.

Google is smart and will know when you are abusing SEO and penalise you accordingly so that only well-written and relevant writing is successful. You cannot cheat the system and ignore the correct use of the written word; that would render the Google search engine useless. For Google to be successful they must reward the most relevant writing in accordance with what has been searched. Even on the web, the written word is still how you get things done successfully.

Content Is King

This may be an oversimplified way of describing the role of the written word for digital marketing purposes but is not untrue. The written word dictates relevance and context, without which the internet would not be functional in the way we know it to be today. Not everyone is adept at writing and SEO, so if you want the internet to make your information in the form of your website visible to the relevant people you need both to be done well.

This is what copywriters do: we create a voice for our clients in the way we know the written word is accepted and understood by both readers and the internet. If you want your content to be king, contact Starbright, a leader among SEO agencies and a first-rate Copywriting Company in Pretoria.