1. Why a Great Website is Worth the Money

Starbright is a multi-faceted digital marketing company that offers specialised web design and development services, adding more value at each step of the process. Every company’s web design process differs, so we’re going to shed some light on OUR process, from start to “Wow, my website is AWESOME!”

Let’s face it, from hiring people to appointing professional services, you get what you pay for. You could easily Google “website design company in Pretoria” and go for the first web design package that you find. It may promise results in a week, at a “premium price”, but, sadly, when something sounds too good to be true… it usually is.

Why a Great Website is Worth the Money

A great website design company typically has multiple teams of professionals working on your project at once. This ensures that every element of your website is meticulously curated to be the best of the best, down to the finest detail.

SEO Keyword Research

A website will only work if it is seen on Google, so SEO optimisation is imperative. Kicking off the website design process, an SEO Specialist will research and analyse keywords relating to your offering, and then pick the most relevant and searched search terms. They will then give these to a professional SEO Copywriter.

SEO Optimised Content

The SEO Copywriter will incorporate these words on your website as naturally as possible, ensuring that it reads nicely, while still being fully SEO optimised. They also ensure that compelling calls to action (CTAs) are used, to entice users to interact with your site, and ultimately engage with your company.

In Starbright, we typically complete the content for the homepage first and send to the client for approval so that, from the changes, we can see what tone/information they are going for and how we need to adapt accordingly. From here, we send the completed content to our incredible design team.

Web Design Team

The web design team works from a brief where clients have explained what look and feel they envision. Our Designers put together mind-blowing designs and incorporate SEO content, always ensuring that the site is designed to be easily navigated.

They are highly skilled and keep the user experience in mind at all times. Starbright is unique in that we offer customised icons and elements that have been designed specifically for our clients, should this be something they request. They involve the client in every step of the way, ensuring that each tiny detail is fulfilled to the exact specification. They then hand over the completed, approved design to the development team.

Website Development Team

Our web dev team incorporates functionality from simple, to complex, depending on what our clients need. They ensure that the website is designed with an easy-to-use backend so that our clients can make changes and update pages and content as they see fit, independently. Our dev team also keeps mobile-friendly capabilities in mind, while ensuring that the site is as responsive as possible. Once this is done, our SEO Specialist looks at the site again to ensure that it is SEO optimised, and makes improvements where necessary. The website then goes live with minimal downtime.

Everyone in our team is qualified and has extensive experience in their respective positions. Your website will not be treated as a mere task; at Starbright, it is treated as a masterpiece. Contact us for more digital marketing services.