1. The purpose of this document is to ensure the best possible results, within an optimal timeframe, by adhering to a set of rules to manage project expectations from each party.
    1. By adhering to these Service Terms:
      1. the project can run as smoothly as possible
      2. Starbright can deliver the project on time
      3. additional project costs can be avoided
    1. The responsible contact person representing your company will be determined in the project briefing. If for any reason this changes (i.e. a new point of contact takes over), a new project briefing will be scheduled. Additional time will be billed at our standard hourly rate.
    1. It is the client’s responsibility to provide all text content for the website in a MS Word document, except if the option is selected that Starbright will create the website content.
    2. In the event that the client opts to provide the content in an MS Word document but refuse to do so, you will be billed extra, by the hour, for the time required for our team to copy your content into an MS Word document.
    3. It is the client’s responsibility to provide all images applicable to your company such as products, personnel, buildings etc. that must be used on the website (Starbright will provide generic stock imagery which may be subject to billing)
    4. Starbright requires feedback on the content within five (5) working days of providing you with the initial draft.
    5. Starbright will not start with the design process until all content (images and text) has been received and approved by both parties.
    6. NB! In the event that you fail to provide feedback on the content within five (5) working days of receiving the initial draft of the content, Starbright will accept the content as approved and move to the design phase, and you will be invoiced for any further edits.
    1. When Starbright provides website design concepts, feedback needs to be provided within five (5) working days.
    2. Should Starbright not receive feedback within this period, Starbright will take this as your approval of the design and proceed to the next phase.
    3. In the event that you wish to provide feedback after this point, a new project kick-off meeting will be scheduled and you will be invoiced for the additional time.
    4. The client acknowledges that his/her project will be moved to the back of the development schedule.
    5. All feedback must be provided via email – no telephonic instructions will be implemented.
    6. NB! If Starbright is not responsible for your website’s design, we will still need to review the design in order to provide you with our feedback in terms of best practices (in terms of what is practical, possible, etc.) before moving forward.
    1. No optimisation will take place on the test link. Only once the website is live will we perform checks on the page speed, etc.
    1. Once the test link has been provided, feedback needs to be provided within five (5) working days.
    2. In the event that you do not provide feedback within the required five (5) working days of receiving the test link, Starbright will move on to another project and provide you with future timelines in which we will be able to return to your project.
    1. We provide a two-week testing period once the website goes live. During this time any technical issues and bugs will be resolved at no cost.
    2. After this period, Starbright’s obligations under the contract will be deemed fulfilled and the contract concluded.
    3. All feedback should be compiled and send to Starbright in one list.
    1. Any changes to the website following the website bug fixing stage will be charged separately.
    1. Your website will only go live once the balance payment was received.
    2. Your website will NOT go live on a Friday as our technical support team needs to monitor your website for the first couple of days after going live.