1. Once Starbright has received the signed proposal, you will be provided with a list of information / resources that we need from you to begin the account setup.
    2. Once we have everything that Starbright needs to get started, you can expect a 5-business day turnaround time before your social media marketing campaign goes live.
    3. Deadlines are often client dependent – Starbright cannot be held to a deadline if there are client delays in providing the necessary material to complete the task.
    1. All fees are payable in advance.
    2. Monthly fees and budgets run from the 1st to the end of every month.
      1. Should you choose to start your campaign at any stage during a month you will be charged for the full month.
      2. Exceptions are possible, provided that it fits into our schedule and extra setup fees may be charged.
    3. The client agrees to pay the initial setup fee in full before Starbright begins the setup of the client’s Social Media account(s).
    1. If the client chooses to provide their own social media content, including designs and blogs / articles, this should be done by the 15th of each month to ensure Starbright has enough time to prepare and schedule it for the next month.
    2. It is the client’s responsibility to provide all images specifically applicable to your company (products / personnel / buildings / galleries) that must be used on social media and adverts. Starbright will provide generic stock imagery if you do not have / do not provide us with specific imagery. These stock images may be subject to being billed additionally.
    3. The client will be allowed two reviews on the content plan. Feedback should be clear and complete on the first send back.
    4. Starbright will not start with the social media setup process until all content and information required has been received.
    1. Working hours are as follows:
      1. Monday – Thursday 7h30 – 17h00,
      2. Fridays 7h30 – 15h00
    2. Within working hours please note that we have a 24-hour response time to emails.
    3. For emergencies please call our offices on (012) 004 0080
    4. For emergencies outside of working hours you may contact anyone in the social media team, via phone call or WhatsApp, provided it is at a reasonable hour, and they will be willing to assist as soon as they are able to.
    1. Please allow for a two (2) business-day turnaround time on any work outside of the usual content plan such as competition setup, page changes, new adverts etc.
    2. Emergency situations will be handled separately.
    3. When Starbright provides advert concepts or content plans for approval, feedback needs to be provided within one (1) week.
    4. Should Starbright not receive feedback within this period, Starbright will assume you accept the work was approved and continue with the campaign.
    1. Once work has been initiated from our side and we have proof of execution, refunds for our social media services will not be permitted.
    2. No refunds will be issued for management fees.
    3. Unused budget amounts may be eligible for a refund.