1. The purpose of this document is to ensure the best possible results, within an optimal timeframe, by adhering to a set of rules to manage project expectations from each party.
    1. By adhering to these Service Terms:
    2. the project can run as smoothly as possible
    3. Starbright can deliver the project on time
    4. additional project costs can be avoided
    1. The responsible contact person representing your company will be determined in the project briefing. If for any reason this changes (i.e. a new point of contact takes over), a new project briefing will be scheduled. Additional time will be billed.
  3. OPTION 1 – System Training for Sending Your Own Emailers
    1. Bookings
      1. It is your responsibility to book the system training with Starbright within 30 days of proposal acceptance.
      2. Payment for the training must be made prior to the booking date.
      3. A maximum of two (2) people per company per training session is permitted.
      4. Training will take place at Starbright’s office, unless agreed otherwise.
  4. OPTION 2 – Starbright to Send Emailers
    1. Content
      1. ALL content must be provided for the emailer in a Microsoft Word document.
      2. Please include the subject for the emailer as well as your preferred ‘From’ address.
      3. The email database should be supplied to Starbright in .CSV format
    2. Design
      1. It is your responsibility to provide all images specifically applicable to your company required in the emailer.
      2. Starbright requires feedback within two (2) working days of providing you with the initial design draft for approval.
    1. Starbright Buying of Database Policy
      1. Starbright hereby accepts that the database the client has provided to Starbright for purposes
        of email marketing complies with Section 69 of the POPI Act. Therefore, Starbright will not be
        held liable if the subject(s) provided to us in the database have not given consent to receive
        electronic communication for marketing purposes.
      2. All responsibility for complying with Section 69 of the POPI Act is accepted by the client.
    1. Once work has been initiated from our side and we have proof of execution, refunds for our services will not be permitted.
    2. Monthly packages are non-refundable, regardless of usage.
    1. All bulk email and sms services require a 30-day cancellation notice.
    2. All cancellation requests to be sent to cancel@starbright.co.za
    3. If a client cancels or alters any order or part order at any time after Starbright has received the order, Starbright reserves the right to render additional costs.