Content Types That Boomed on Social Media In 2020 And Trends to Follow In 2021

While social media has been at the forefront of the digital age for a long time now, 2020 was definitely a year to appreciate the value of staying connected through each channel. With social distancing measures and an onset of very big lifestyle changes, many people turned to social media to share thoughts and feelings, to make light of heavy situations, to share their own experiences, and of course, to stay informed and entertained.

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Social Media Marketing 101: Benefits of Boosting Social Posts

Boosting social media posts should be part of your social media marketing strategy and budget, and there are multiple reasons why. Every social media platform is different, so it’s important to cater to each one’s requirements accordingly.  

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How to Promote Your Business on Instagram

Whether Instagram is important for business to consumer industries is a moot point. With over a billion monthly active users, the real question is, how do you promote your business on Instagram? But, first, let us recap why businesses should be active on Instagram.

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