Instagram Marketing for Business and Brand Building

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In South Africa alone, as of July 2021, there are 6.03 million Instagram users. This number has grown from 4.89 million in July 2020. This means that in a year there has been a user increase of more than a million. With so many potential customers roaming the app hourly, daily, and weekly, it is no wonder that Instagram has become an essential in every business’s marketing strategy.

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Pinterest Growth Statistics in 2021

Pinterest is a social media platform that has incredible potential for building brand awareness and customer generation. Pinterest is a little older than Instagram (which is also a great platform for visual marketing and lead generation) but has a more direct functionality for visitors to go directly to your site. It’s a convenient app that should not be overlooked when it comes to your marketing efforts. We reviewed some of the more recent statistics that prove how valuable Pinterest is.

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Social Media Short Course Benefits

Whether you are social media platform savvy, or a complete beginner, a social media short course can be highly beneficial. All the available social media platforms are constantly evolving and changing, from changing ad types and budget planning, to trends for posts, stories, reels, social media challenges, and much more.

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