Why SEO And PPC Are Still Crucial During Lockdown and Covid-19

should you do google adds or seo during covid 19

With lockdown being enforced on 20% of the world’s population, many businesses started feeling it on their bottom-line and are subsequently cutting their SEO and PPC marketing budgets. With the uncertainty of the extent to which lockdown measures will be eased, there are many who question whether SEO and Google Ads (PPC) should still be pursued during this time. The answer is an unequivocal “Yes!”.

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Google Ads: Automated Bidding for Beginners

google ads automated bidding for beginners

New and existing Google Ads customers who run their ads have been getting calls from Google with recommendations on how to improve their account performance. One of the top recommendations being made is to set their bidding to “Automated Bidding”. Some say it works a treat, others aren’t too happy with the results. In this article, we’ll explain why automated bidding only works in certain instances, and we’ll discuss the difference between Automated Bidding and our recommendations.

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4 Advantages of Expert Google Ads Management

Advantages of Google Ads Management

Google works across all devices, and there are over 20 million people with smartphones in South Africa alone, each using Google to find what they need. The search engine has shifted and transformed the way users interact with any and all sources of information, including the way they choose and use businesses’ services and products. 

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