The Benefits of Google Ads in South Africa

By now, every business has realised the importance of having a website, and why digital marketing is the key to success. Google Ads in South Africa should form part of your marketing strategy to ensure that your business is seen where it is relevantly asked to be seen! Every business wants to be on the front page of Google, but not everyone works hard for it, or even knows how to begin.

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Google Ads Agencies – We offer more than just Search Advertising campaigns

Google Ads Agencies More Than Just Advertising

When businesses and consumers think about Google Ads, they typically think about Google Search campaigns (where a user types in a search phrase and an ad pops up). As such, when they think about a Google Ads agency, or Google Ads specialist, they think that Search Advertising campaigns is all that we can offer.

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How to Understand and Interpret Your Next Google Ads Report

Understanding your next google ads report

- Written by Starbright’s Google Ads Manager Receiving a Google Ads report from your digital marketing agency can flood you with dread. Not because of the campaign performance metrics, but because of the sheer amount of information you need to process. Thankfully, understanding reports boils down to knowing what some of the concepts mean and how the metrics can influence each other. This article covers these two aspects – a glossary of the report terms and how they play off each other. 

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