Keyword research: The cornerstone of digital marketing

Why is keyword research important for SEO and digital marketing in South Africa

One day there was a sudden shift. My father-in-law suddenly started Googling everything on his phone. Something that has been second nature for me (using Google daily) since my late teens, suddenly became a knee jerk reaction to most questions my father-in-law faced. And there I was watching him Google, and I could not help but immediately think of how important keyword research is for any digital marketing efforts.

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How Much Does SEO Cost in South Africa?

Just like with any service offering, digital marketing prices will differ according to your needs; the same applies to SEO. There are different SEO packages that you can choose from, each one involving alternate levels, and amounts of work. Getting a package that works for you is imperative for fitting your budget and your unique business’ needs – this will ensure that you optimise where you need to, whilst taking it easy on your pocket.

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Why you should consider ongoing SEO 

Do I need ongoing SEO for my website? It's already been optimized

Cutting costs and keeping budgets in line a crucial exercise for any business. That is why I'm never surprised when potential clients balk at the idea of ongoing SEO, or having to pay monthly for SEO.  "But you will have optimised my website, why won't that let me rank number one on Google?" 

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