Content Marketing: Strategies and Examples

Content marketing uses videos, podcasts, infographics, blogs, and more to inform a target audience of valuable and consistent content. This content is positioned to convince consumers that a company is a leader in their industry. The aim is to gain the interest of the consumer, convincing them to buy the product or service before they even reach the salesperson.

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Content Marketing: The Prerequisite of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing has been around since 1732, more than two centuries before the internet, search engines, and social media. But the concept of creating branded content to promote your business didn’t take off until 1888 and 1895, when John & Johnson and John Deere launched magazines to educate their customers, without overtly selling products on every page.

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Should I Outsource a Website Copywriter?

Content writing for digital is very different from regular writing; there’s a reason there’s a professional copywriting need and importance thereof. You might be having conversations with your team along the lines of “why do we need a professional copywriter if we can do it ourselves?”. There are a few factors to keep in mind if you really want your content to work for you, and a few reasons to hire a copywriter too.

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