The Google Ad Formats and Campaign Types Guide for South Africans

google ppc ad types available in sa

Google Ads campaigns and the respective ad formats present various opportunities for business owners to reach their ideal audiences. You’ve likely seen them on Google search results, websites, apps, YouTube and Google Maps. Understanding the different Google Ad formats, and how they can help drive your business goals, will ensure that you get the desired results from your Google Ads spend.  There are 5 different campaign types available on Google’s advertising platform, but we’ll look at the 4 most popular campaign types in South Africa:

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4 Advantages of Expert Google Ads Management

Advantages of Google Ads Management

Google works across all devices, and there are over 20 million people with smartphones in South Africa alone, each using Google to find what they need. The search engine has shifted and transformed the way users interact with any and all sources of information, including the way they choose and use businesses’ services and products. 

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Google Ads: Using a Digital Marketing Agency for PPC

Although Google Ads management can be taken on as a DIY project, hiring a digital marketing agency to help is more resource-effective (time, money, and effort). Oftentimes businesses take on these responsibilities without utterly understanding what PPC (Pay Per Click) Google Ads are, and the costs involved. We’d like to highlight why a digital marketing agency will help you achieve what you need to with a Google Ads campaign package, tailored to suit your individual business needs.

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