Content Marketing: The Prerequisite of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

content marketing south africa

Content marketing has been around since 1732, more than two centuries before the internet, search engines, and social media. But the concept of creating branded content to promote your business didn’t take off until 1888 and 1895, when John & Johnson and John Deere launched magazines to educate their customers, without overtly selling products on every page.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

By now every business (whether in its infancy, or well-established) has heard about the benefits of digital marketing. Where there is smoke, there is fire, and digital marketing is something you need to warm up to if you haven’t already. Having a good digital marketing strategy will help your business to grow consistently; a formula every company is looking to jump on in order to work up notable profit.

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4 Advantages of Expert Google Ads Management

Advantages of Google Ads Management

Google works across all devices, and there are over 20 million people with smartphones in South Africa alone, each using Google to find what they need. The search engine has shifted and transformed the way users interact with any and all sources of information, including the way they choose and use businesses’ services and products. 

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