The Google Update Affecting Business Websites Right Now

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With its ease of use, convenience and pocket size mobility it is no wonder that cell phones have taken the world and South Africa by storm. The number of mobile internet users is growing continuously, and businesses need to adapt to becoming mobile friendly or they’ll be left behind.   Mobile First Indexing Before we delve into what mobile first indexing is, let’s explain “indexing” as a whole.

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The Business Website: Your 24/7 Employee Who Won’t Quit

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A website is not just a pretty digital face for your company. With professional website development services, your website can become the 24/7 employee that works for your business all year round. Your website should focus on offering your clients, and potential clients, a valuable online experience by acting as an information distribution, marketing, and sales tool. When creating a business website using a digital marketing agency, you ensure that it is designed with the following qualities through best-practice website development services:

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