How to create successful content on LinkedIn

When it comes to using social media and networking successfully, each platform has its own style, or voice if you want to call it that. LinkedIn, in particular has a powerful way of growing your audience and ultimately, your business – if used correctly. Fortunately, sharing and creating content for LinkedIn is now possible, however, there are certain set rules to apply or tips to follow if you want to be successful:

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Getting Started with Social Media Marketing: Part 1

There are many different factors to consider when starting a social media marketing campaign.  In a series of social media tips, we are going to be showing you the best way to get social and successful! Understanding Your Followers This is one of the most important things you need to do before conducting your social media marketing campaign. If you don’t know what your followers are looking for, and what they are responding to, it’ll be almost impossible appealing to them and having a campaign that they engage with.

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Is Google Advertising the best digital marketing strategy?


Before we start answering whether or not Google AdWords advertising is the best digital marketing strategy a business needs; let’s look at what Google Advertising is. Many business owners are familiar with Google Search Advertising, where they can bid on specific keywords and have their business’ ads appear:

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