1. Social Media Marketing Lowdown
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Every digital marketing expert will tell you that you need to be where your target audience is. It’s wonderful seeing the traffic on your website increase as a result of your marketing efforts, but if the traffic isn’t generating a reasonable return on investment, then you need to switch up your formula.

Social media has become an indispensable tool for businesses in every industry, of every size. This is because there are 3.5 billion people who use social media globally. To give you perspective, that is 45% of the global population! If you aren’t using social media to create awareness about your business and its offerings yet, you should consider chatting to a social media marketing agency for advice.

Social Media Marketing Lowdown

With such strong statistics to support it, no business can afford to be without a consistent social media presence. Within such a competitive market, however, it’s not enough to simply post a pretty picture every day with a few trending hashtags. This is where your social media marketing agency will come in, and they can offer a host of benefits:

Providing Social Media Structure

Not everyone is familiar with all the ad types available, and with their expertise, a social media marketing agency provides value by implementing the right solution for each client’s unique needs. An agency will ensure that you get the most out of your ads by setting up a detailed social media campaign structure that suits your business. With a proper structure, advertising budgets can be optimised – this ensures that you are getting the best return for your ad spend.

Experimenting with Social Strategies

Individuals may not have the time to experiment with different campaigns and post types to see what the best response is, but social media ad agencies do! Marketers are not afraid to try something new; from tiny changes to captions to overhauling the entire direction of the page, they make magic happen by trying and testing new strategies and reviewing results.

Valuable Content for Your Audience

Creativity comes naturally to some, but especially to those who thrive in a social media marketing agency. A social media marketer’s job is to keep up with relevant trends, find creative ways for your brand to fit into this trend, and then implement a memorable social campaign that encourages engagement, and best of all, a sale!

Find a Social Media Marketing Agency

If you’re looking to help your business succeed on all social media platforms, the most optimal way to go about it is to hire a digital marketing agency. Starbright is a full-service digital marketing agency, and we offer social media management services, as well as social media courses. Contact us for more information.